Gearing a new 90 in WoW

The good news is its MUCH easier to gear a new 90 now.  Here are some useful tips:

When you first go ding:

  • You might need to work on getting the ilevel for Heroics.  Run a few Normals.
  • Heroics are still useful until you can get into LFR.
  • Another use for Heroics is Justice Points … which you convert into Honor to buy 476 items.  They have a full 476 PvE budget.
  • Dailies are good value at this stage, giving rep, Valor and Lesser Charms.  Worth doing at first.
  • Speaking of Charms, you want to start stacking Elder Charms so you can use them on old World Bosses and LFRs.  Go kill a few rares on the Isle of Thunder and make sure you do your weekly Treasure run.  Elder Charms drop from the chests.
  • If you can scrape the Valor together, go buy that 522 neck which will boost your ilevel a lot.  There are other Valor items that vary from 489 to 522.  Some need reputation.
  • World bosses are a great chance to get some gear so keep an eye out.  476 boots from your first Sha of Anger kill are still an ilevel boost at the early stages.  You can also do Nalak and Oondasta for current level gear.
  • Battlefield Barrens drops some tokens you can combine into 496 gear.  Worth pursuing.
  • If you have the cash to splash, you can get ilevel 496 chest and hands from crafting and a 476 trinket from Darkmoon Faire (which will perform better than its ilevel).
  • Run Battlegrounds for Honor to get 476 items.  You can also get 496 from Conquest is PvP is your thing.

When you hit ilevel 460+:

  • At 460 you can access the Mogu’shan Vaults LFR.
  • At 470 you can access Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring.
  • Maximize your gearing with Elder Charms.
  • Keep doing some of the first round things to help improve your overall ilevel.  You want to hit …


  • You can now access Throne of Thunder LFR and Heroic Scenarios.
  • Your first Heroic Scenario will give you a 516 item.  You have a chance at getting these from your first run each day.  This is also the most efficient source of Valor.
  • You now need Mogu Runes of fate, which cost 50 Lesser Charms for 3 (you can get these once a week from a quest in your faction city).
  • Lesser Charms can be acquired through pet battles as well as dailies.
  • At this point, you might want to focus more on these activities and drop off the others unless you are targeting a specific item.

From here you should be able to get the best gear you can before entering Normal raiding.  Hope this helps.  It somewhat assumes you know about the systems involved here so if something doesn’t make sense feel free to drop me a question in the comments and I will answer it!


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