The Ewoks are coming!

Look who’s coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic…

Karragon says: I saw and was wondering how best to go about KILLING THEM ALL

In fact, 2.3 looks fairly jam packed.  As well as the Bounty Contract recurring event, theres a new daily area, two new Level 55 Flashpoints (with Hard Modes), two new factions (one for the Bounties, one for the Dailies).  Just to top it off, there are graphical updates too.

The patch is named Titans of Industry and most of the content is Czerka themed.  The Ewok turning up in a patch called Titans of Industry isn’t at all contradictory (never mind an Ewok turning up in SWTOR at all).

Its a good looking patch, however, after the disappointment of the last two.  Patch 2.1 was basically a Cartel Market exclusive, whilst patch 2.2 was all about the Nightmare Mode raiding guild with nothing for anyone else (unless you count more Cartel Packs … which I do not).


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