Sky Pirates?

I’ve been playing the Sky Pirates of Tyria patch.  It was a busy week so I didn’t get to write a first impressions post, but I’m glad I got the chance to play first.  I’m still disappointed that the noir thing didn’t get carried on, but at least I got a book to replay the scene.

The good

  • Another meta achievement, this time for a mini pet and at 12/19 achievements, its fairly generous
  • You can get 7 achievements from jumping puzzles.  5 of these are fairly easy to do as well.  I hadn’t done all of the jumping puzzles involved and I hope they do this again, as its a great way of focusing people on a few puzzles.
  • Another new dungeon, this time with achievements for doing certain things in certain ways.  Thats a  nice thing to see and a really good idea for encouraging dungeon replayability.  I hope they add these to the existing dungeons as they revamp them.
  • The new steam-punk themed armor sets are cool.
  • Dragon Bash continues, allowing people a bit more time for any achievements they want.  This migt be a good idea – let the patches overlap a bit so that people have more than 2 weeks to complete things, especially during the holiday season.

The not so good

  • Grind is not a substitute for content.  I would rather the patches came less often and with less grind.  The only saving grace is that you don’t have to do much of the grind if you do the other achievements. Killing Aetherblades is boring and irritating, especially as its so similar to the last grind (re-using the Dragon Bash projectors).
  • The dungeon is only around for a short time.  Given there aren’t a massive number of group PvE activities, I really think leaving these around a bit longer than two weeks would be fine!  At least until the next dungeon appears would be better.
  • I really would like to be able to choose the male model of the armor sets instead of the female (Asura and Charr get it, but not the other races).  They look much cooler on the Light and Medium armor in particular:


 There is apparently a new jumping puzzle arriving next week, and I look forward to that.


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