Karagga’s Palace Crib Sheet

Important note: Karagga’s hat sometimes drops in here and it is awesome.


  • When you zone in, don’t move! Then step slowly backwards.
  • Don’t stand near the edges as he will knock you off.
  • He is untankable and will randomly target people.
  • Do not stand in front of him at any time (he swipes). Unless you are targeted. Then stand still and don’t turn him to swipe anyone else.
  • We always have the targeted person stand still and everyone else move (optional).
  • Kill the red add ASAP. Kill/cc other adds.

Jarg and Sorno

  • Split the raid evenly between the two bosses.
  • They have to die at once.
  • Taunt back after a charge.
  • Melee on Sorno, ranged on Jarg for preference.
  • If you get sucked in, move out.
  • Don’t stand in bad.

Foreman Crusher

  • Tank needs lots of healing during frenzy.
  • Spread out and don’t stand in bad.
  • Kill adds.

G4-B3 Fabricator

  • [Puzzle] You need to line up the three icons in order to fire the laser at the boss. He builds up immunity to damage, so you will need to do this frequently. You do this by switching the icons between the three interfaces. You can practice before you start.
  • One healer and one dps should stay up top to manage the icons.
  • The boss must be under the laser being fired to remove his immunity. Kite hime between two lasers and just use these.
  • Kill the stun droids ASAP if they are near any player.
  • Tank switch on 5-6 stacks.
  • Ranged and healers spread out by the door.

Karagga the Unyielding

  • Kite the boss slowly around the room to leave a fire trail.
  • Don’t stand behind him ever.
  • Kill all the mouse droids ASAP and before they reach people.
  • If you get sucked in, move out (the person pulling you in cannot move).
  • Don’t stand in bad.
  • Ranged and healers stay spread in the middle.

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