Bashing them dragons

Are you ready for the first annual Dragon Bash? It will be arriving in Guild Wars 2 on 11 June. Included in the festivities are:

  • Dragon Ball (a mini game and a feature of the GW1 Dragon Festival from what I have read)
  • Dragon Coffers in both small and large varieties dropping pretties
  • Moa Racing (betting on rather than participating in)
  • Dragon Piñatas (dropping candy)
  • Dragon Bash Fireworks (also involved in acquiring pretties)
  • Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony (chance this will end badly as lots of important people will be there)
  • A meta achievement

The pretties:

  • Weapon skins (named Jade Dragon, which sounds promising)
  • A moa mini (squee – brought for currency relating to the races)
  • A cool looking head piece
  • Dragon wings

Shattered wings

The dragon wings look awesome!!! One set comes from Dragon Ball and is rare, whilst the other comes from the meta achievement.  This now goes to the top of my priorities list.  They will look amazing on my mesmer.

Feeling some genuine excitement for this update.  Sadly I will be on holiday and without Guild Wars 2 when it arrives, so I hope I can catch up when I get back.

You can check out all the details on the official website including a video with a catchy new tune.  I also recommend Massively’s video of ArenaNet’s unusual promotional technique.


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