Planning how to play more than one MMO

I’ve badged this site up as being about playing three MMOs (at least). This is something of a challenge in its own right. Its particularly challenging here as I play with a largely different group of people in each MMO. So how to juggle them? Whatever the amount of time you have to play, there is likely some kind of limit on it.

First you need to answer some questions and set some expectations:

  • If you want to be really hardcore and do an activity at the cutting edge, accept that MMO will take up most of your time. You will struggle to be hardcore in more than one MMO at the same time.
  • When do peaks of activity take place? Is raiding an ongoing activity or a short burst? When is content released that you would want to take part in?
  • Do you want to play one MMO more than the others?
  • Do you like to focus on one, or spread your time equally?

Above all:

Don’t commit to activities you aren’t going to be able to manage given the answers to the above.

Don’t say you will raid and then just not show. Don’t commit to helping your server push for new WvW success with your guild and then not be there. Don’t accept an officer role you aren’t going to be able to sustain. Have I done those things? Yes. Whatever answers you give to the above, its quite likely they will change over time, through your own preference or things outside of your control. Don’t beat yourself up over it, but don’t do it again.

Writing a plan
One of the hardest aspects of playing multiple MMOs is that you tend to want to do more than you can. MMO companies design their games for players who will play just their game for the most part, which means there will always be more content than you can manage. So you need to prioritize  It’s not easy. To give you a flavour, I’m going to write monthly plans for a while, and then see how well I manage to meet them. It will also give you a flavour of how to juggle blogging and gaming for anyone who is facing that challenge.


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