SWTORs alternative leveling strategies

I finally hit 55 yesterday.  When the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion came out I had the early access, so yes that took a while.  I spent most of the time levelling with two friends, and our schedules didn’t synch very often.  In the end, however, I realised I could level to 55 without interfering with that questing experience at all.  I haven’t done a single Makeb quest since I levelled ahead.

How to level without doing Makeb quests
There are a few alternative ways to level in SWTOR.  The advantage of these is that they will also provide better gear than questing.  These include:

  • Level 50 weekly quests – the weekly quests for Section X, etc. give Basic Commendations
  • Level 50 daily quests for section X only give Basic Commendations
  • Daily Galactic Conflicts gives Basic Commendations from level 51 onwards
  • Level 50 Hard Modes give Basic Commendations

Do you see a theme?  Basic Commendations level you buy entry level 55 gear.  So you can level and gear at 55 at the same time!

Other activities will give lots and lots of Classic Commendations.  These include:

  • Level 50 raids, all difficulties
  • Bosses in Level 50 hard modes
  • Level 50 daily quests apart from section X

Classic Commendations give Level 50 raid worthy gear.  If you raided at 50, this isn’t particularly useful.  If you were a freshly minted 50 before you started levelling to 55 its VERY useful.  You can queue for the Story Mode of Level 50 raids right up turn 55.

Its nice to have a few alternatives, especially as an altaholic.


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