Slight change of plans …

You might have noticed I’ve had a change in the banner image department.

The fact is that I play three MMOs quite a lot, and pick up others as they come and go.  I started off blogging about WoW on a site called Caer Morrighan.  I started Heart of the Mists as a Guild Wars 2 blog in the first flush of playing Guild Wars 2 and enjoying it immensely.  The reality is, however, that I split my time, my focus and my interest.  So I am also going to split my blogging.

I will still blog about Guild Wars 2 and I will still focus on guides and simplifying the complexities of the MMOs I play.  I will also blog about comparative MMO design.  I’ll go through and re-categorize posts so that they are divided by game.

World of Warcraft
I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla.  Thats more than 8 years.  In that time, I’ve done everything PvE, from hardcore 25 man heroic raiding to super casual not raiding.  I’ve been in guilds large and small.  I’ve got quite a bit of different types of experience to draw from.  One thing I try very much to do is remember all those experiences and think what is best for all kinds of players when I talk about the game.

This is where I’m meant to list my characters, but that is incredibly complex for me in World of Warcraft.  I no longer consider myself to have a main.  Instead, I have a number of characters I play at varying levels over time.  Mostly my focus is on my priest, Akandra at the moment, and the rather cool look I have for her is why she makes it into my pictures above.  My blogging name, Morrighan, is the name of my retribution paladin.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
This was my second MMO.  Yes – it took me that long to play another game.  SWTOR is a flawed game.  It has some aspects that I particularly enjoy – the levelling experience is good with storylines, voice acting and a really strong feeling that you are creating a character who can choose how they respond to what goes on around them.  I also enjoy the raiding – the difficulty levels are far more suited to my limited play time.  My main is my Sniper Brynna.

That being said, my strongest criticism of SWTOR is its failure to learn the 8 years of very public design knowledge that Blizzard have provided for them via communications with fans.  I feel that the game would have been better if it had learnt some of those lessons earlier and not had to hotfix them later.  Also, the PvP in the game is awful with the exception of Huttball.

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 is still my favourite MMO of the moment.  The things it has done differently suit me.  I feel like I can achieve things in the game despite my limited play time in the game.  I miss those things in other MMOs.  My main is my Mesmer Akandra Greystar.

Upcoming MMOs
There are a few new and upcoming MMOs that have caught my attention.  I’m playing a bit of Neverwinter, but not enough to have really formed an opinion on it yet (other than the fact that its control system limitations are crippling me).  I’ll also be looking at The Elder Scrolls Online and, particularly, Wildstar when they come along.


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