Into the Box

Well, now we know what the strange sounds and music in the login screen were about.  April is the month of the Super Adventure Box.  First thing to note: this is real.  Its an April Fools day joke, yes, but the joke is that its real.

You want to take a wander through the Lion’s Arch asura gate to Rata Sum.  Go up the stairs, and there it is:


What does it do exactly? Go inside and take a look.  You can run it solo despite the login warning.

Things you can do in the Super Adventure Box

  • Collect Baubles and turn them into Bubble Baubles, which is the currency for rewards from Moto (who you will find next to the box).
  • With Bubble Baubles you can buy weapon skins if you like the look of any of them.
  • You can also buy Obsidian Shards, Crystals and Philosopher’s stones to be used in the making of a Legendary.  This is a particularly good way to farm Obsidian Shards in particular!
  • There are lots of achievements too – enough to warrant their own tab in the Achievements interface.  You can check out Dulfy for some great guides on these.

Top SAB Tips

  1. Get the spade.  You will quickly make back the Baubles you spend on it if you check the special dig locations on Dulfy.
  2. Get the Bauble purse that lets you carry 500 Baubles if you want to really farm this.
  3. The first time you kill a zone boss each day on normal mode you get 2 Bubble Baubles per character.  I find just doing zone 1 and 2 the best way of doing this.
  4. If you decide to farm beyond the 2 Bubble Baubles, use infantile mode.
  5. Use infantile mode when doing your achievements for you own sanity!  There is lots of running back and forth.

I have on criticism.  I wish ArenaNet would put in some way to skip the video at the beginning of zone 1!!!


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