Link Love: GW2 Utility sites

I’ve added some new links to my site.  I want to highlight some of the utility links here and why they are useful.

Dragon Timers
This website’s name is a little misleading.  It doesn’t just have dragon timers.  It has timers for a lot of the world events that give nice rewards.  You go on, click on your server, and it tells you how long until a pre-event can start or a window opens.  Its not 100% accurate, but its as close as anything run on the basis of people entering the data can be.

This is a blog, but a blog full of useful things. Screenshots of weapons and armor? Yes. Guides to world events and guild missions? Included.  I recommend the guide to end game gearing in particular, I wouldn’t dream of doing a Guild Bounty or Guild Trek without the maps included here.

WvWvW Matchups
I came across this recently – a list of the current match ups and the match ups for the next week.  Useful to help you know when will be an easy WvWvW week and when you need to put some effort in.  It also lets you see where your server is ranked.  Unlike many games, the choice to go for a high ranked server is not always an obvious one.  I’ve seen a number of posts that state the experience can be better in low ranked servers, depending on your preferred play style.  In particular, small group WvWvW is possible in lower ranked servers, but difficult in higher ranked ones.


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