Guild Bounty Missions

This was a bit confusing the first time we did it so I’m going to try and clarify this for people.  I’m still not 100% certain this is right but I will update it if I discover this is wrong.

Firstly the guild has to research the mission.  Once it is a available do not activate it!  The Bounty comes in 3 tiers, each progressively more difficult.:

  • Tier 1 – 2 bounties in 15 minutes for 15 merits
  • Tier 2 – 3 bounties in 15 minutes for 20 merits
  • Tier 3 – 6 bounties in 15 minutes for 25 merits

How to do it
The best way to ensure you will succeed is to find all of the possible bounty mobs and have people track them.  Once you have them all, then activate the mission and you will be given two names.  The guild can then hop to one, then the other, and kill them.

We used the dulfy guide to find them.

There are three types of reward from the bounty kills:

  • Event reward – you will get an event reward from participating in a bounty kill the same way other event rewards work.  This is for everyone involved in the kill.
  • Guild member reward – any guild member who was involved in the kill will get the guild reward including the two commendations.  You can only get 2 commendations per type of Guild Mission per week.
  • Guild merits – the guild gets guild merits for each mission it completes up to a cap for each type of mission.  To see how many merits you can get go to the Guild panel and the Guild Missions tab, then mouse-over each mission type.  The merits are not cumulative.  If you do tier 1 and then tier 2, you will not get 35 merits.  You will get 20.

Important points to note:

  • Bounties only become killable when someone in the guild whose bounty they are a part of activates them.  Don’t do this too quickly or some people might miss out.
  • You can repeat bounties at each tier in a week to help other guildies get the rewards.
  • You might want to write down all the possible bounties and assign people to find them.
  • Most of the bounties patrol on a fixed route.  Go the opposite way around this route so you will meet them.  If you go the way they go, you might just end up chasing them for ages.
  • The bounties are of varying difficulties.  Some take a while to kill, some go boom almost instantly.

There is a lot of misinformation around bounties out there as a result of some bugs.  I have written up my understanding based on our first experience and may update this as we go.


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