13 ways in which Guild Wars 2 is different to World of Warcraft

  1. Classes (WoW) are called Professions (GW2) and Professions (WoW) are called Crafting (GW2).  Its like the different meaning of chips in the UK and US – people are fairly aware of it but it can still catch you out in a pinch.
  2. There are no quests.  Instead you complete ‘tasks’ which are a range of things in a small area you can choose between and events which pop up around you.  Even in a party, you won’t get credit for each others task activities.
  3. Mobs are never tapped and if you contribute you get credit (and associated rewards) for a kill.  This is true for every mob and event.
  4. Resource nodes are specific to you and no one can steal them.
  5. There is no tank-dps-healer triumvirate in Guild Wars 2.  Kiting, managing damage and healing are more matters of individual responsibility.  You can take statistics that will help you survive and control mobs or help you help yourself and others, thereby choosing to become a Support or Control player, but you can equally complete most activities without this and hybrid builds are viable.
  6. You are levelled down whenever you enter lower level areas and dungeons (called sidekicking) and levelled up whenever you enter WvWvW or sPvP.  This means you can enter PvP very early and just do this to level and that you can
  7. There are no raids.
  8. There is World vs World (WvWvW) which is realm vs realm PvP.  Its a bit like those old 3 day AV matches people reminisce about.
  9. There are Vistas and Jumping Puzzles which require to figure out how to jump up those walls and reward you for it.  Vistas are fairly easy and give you a pretty video whilst Jumping Puzzles range from mildly challenging to face-meltingly-agonisingly difficult and give you a chest and an achievement.
  10. There are no mounts and definitely no flying mounts.  You can hop instantly between Waypoints which act like instant flight paths and are slighltly more frequent.
  11. Talents, Spells, etc are replaced by three things – Weapon Skills, Skill Points and Traits.  Your Weapon Skills (the first half of your action bar) change depending on what weapon you equip and can change the play style of a Profession significantly.  Skill Points are earned by completing challenges in the environment and can be spent on skills for you use swap in and out (the second half of our action bar).  You can only have 1 healing skill, 3 standard skills and 1 elite skill.  Traits are one point per level and give you passive bonuses.
  12. There is no arena.
  13. Battlegrounds (rated and not rated) are called Structured PvP (sPvP) and can be accessed through the Heart of the Mists PvP lobby.

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