Lets talk about fashion (including a guide to transmutation)

One of the features that I like best about GW2 is how customizable your appearance is.  I brought my first dungeon Exotic the other day – the chest piece from Citadel of Flame tokens.  When I looked at the images on Dulfy’s site I thought they looked okay.  Not my favourite, but CoF is a popular dungeon to farm because its fast and relatively easy.  When I put the piece on my Sylvari I discovered a problem.  Orange arms.


You can dye armour to the colours you prefer.  However, the orange arm effect is not subject to dye.  This meant my preferred colours were out and I could not find a dye I liked.  Also can I just point out that my character is a tree.  It just seemed wrong that my tree was on fire.  So I started looking at alternatives.  And I came across the Shadow/Dry Bones set.


I had the legs early on in the game and liked them.  So I went looking for these.  They are, it turns out, easily crafted (the Shadow Armour recipe can be brought in Snowdon Drifts and needs only 75 Tailoring).  I made the chest and the legs and then used a few other pieces I had. The shoulders were a random rare drop, the rest is from the Level 80 Karma vendors at the Temples in Orr.  I think I could find better gloves and boots and I will be trying to perfect this.  I rather like the mask.


Now for the guide part …
You achieve this by taking the stats from your good-but-ugly gear and applying them to your rubbish-but-pretty gear using Transmutation Stones.  There are two kinds of these – Basic and Fine.  You need Fine for anything that involves transmuting a Level 80 piece of gear.

When you do this you actually merge two pieces of gear into one and there is no going back, so make sure you get it right.  You can, however, keep merging gear as you get access to better stats.  To do this, take off the gear you want to Transmute and make sure everything – both items of gear and the stone, are in your inventory.  Double click on the stone and the transmutation window will open:


You drag both of the items into the window.


You then pick which of the pieces you want to keep for all three sections – appearance, stats and sigils.  You do this just by clicking on the  chosen section.  The result will look like this:


Press transmute and you are done!  It is only when you press transmute that the stone is used.

Additional tip – passing gear on to alts
You notice the soulbound note at the bottom of the transmute window?  That obviously means you can’t pass soulbound items to other toons right?  Wrong!

If you place all the items in the bank to do this process, and at least one of the pieces is not soulbound, the resulting item will be account bound.  You need to make sure all three items are in your bank, just like your inventory, and complete it from there.


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