Getting Around in Guild Wars 2

There are no mounts in GW2.  Apart from the broom you can buy in the gem store, but this is just a graphical enhancement.  There are no mounts to speed you up and allow you to get from A to B more quickly.  So how do you get around?


Before anyone panics too much, its not as bad as it might seem.  The game is designed around you walking and has other systems apart from mounts to help you get around:

  1. Waypoints:  These are the small diamonds on your map.  When you have found a Waypoint that diamond will fill in with a blue glow.  You can teleport instantly to these for a small(ish) fee.  These are free within cities and WvWvW.
  2. Asura Gates:  These gates teleport you between all the major cities from the Lion’s Arch hub.  There are a few others dotted around as well (from the three Pact Headquarters to Lion’s Arch, for example, and lots in Rata Sum).  These are a nice free way to travel and you don’t have to find your end point, just your start point, meaning they are important early on in the game to find new areas.
  3. Speed boost abilities:  Check out the text on those abilities because every Profession has at least one speed boost.  You will want to know where these are and make sure you keep a weapon on you to access them if they are weapon specific as they will help in Jumping Puzzles and accessing Vistas.  You can also use them as you run around just to move faster.
  4. Heart of the Mists/WvWvW:  You can travel instantly to either of these from anywhere and you’ll end up right next to a portal to Lion’s Arch.  Just click on the WvW or sPvP interface and enter the area of your choice.  Heart of the Mists is the sPvP lobby and you will not get attacked there so it is my preferred option.

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