Crossing to the Dark Side, or Morrighan goes all PvP

So its a new year.  I got my state of the blog report and realized I have slacked majorly in the posting department.  I’m not going to make any promises here, because I have other plans this year, but I will try to post more.

Which raises the question of what I will post about.  I’ve tried a few things with the blog recently in terms of guides and a direction for the content.  I might have another idea up my sleeve that I will try to get working, but for now I’m going to focus on just talking about what I am doing in the games I play.  Mostly I play World of Warcraft, but I may occasionally blog about other games.

My quest for PvP success
I’m really starting from the beginning here.  I’ve toyed with PvP before.  In TBC I did a lot of AV to get PvP gear for use in PvE.  I’ve done a little bit of arena almost every expansion, but not every season.  So I do mean a little bit.  I’ve done a few rated battlegrounds.  But this time I’ve decided to stop raiding and try a different part of the game.  And its great.  I find myself enjoying arena in particular.  The change has refreshed WoW for me again.

This season I’ve just taken as a getting started season.  I’ve tried to cap each week.  I’m focusing on my hunter as my main.  She was my main for PvE at the end of Cataclysm and the first toon I levelled.  I’m also very attached to the appearance of the hunter PvP set this season.  I’m mostly trying to learn different ideas and approaches to different combinations.

The problems along the way
My main two problems at the moment are finding a stable team and finding someone who likes PvP enough to do more than just cap.  I prefer 3s, but I don’t seem to be having a lot of luck there.  I do have an awesome 2s partner right now but he can’t talk on raidcall which hampers us a bit.  I really lack experience in RBGs which is a problem only in that at one I point I seemed to be landed with target calling.  I don’t know how to target call.  I’ve read some, but I need to see it in action really.

I am also finding that apart from arena junkies, hunter PvP information is a bit thin on the ground apart from communities that require you to pay to get in.  This sort of makes sense, because PvP is competitive in a way that raid progression is not once you step back from the cutting edge.  But there are some good resources out there for other classes, so I will keep looking. If anyone could recommend any good BM PvP hunters who stream/post videos, I would be grateful.

Brynna and Omnomnom

The other content

As I said, I’m not raiding.  I tend to do LFR, so I can be geared enough to help the guild if needed.  I am still looking for achievements, though I have little time to focus on these.  I am doing some pet battles, though I have largely stopped there until 5.2 arrives.  I do quite a few dailies and am looking to get Exalted with all the factions and get the next 50 mounts.  I will update the mount guide at some point.  I quite like the dailies and the scenarios as sources of Valor and charms.  I have invested in a Brawler’s Guild pass and have been doing a bit of that too when the queues aren’t too long.

Very little content outside of rated PvP actually helps with PvP progress.  You can do normal battlegrounds and these will help somewhat.  I say somewhat because unless you go with some friends, you won’t learn a huge amount about coordinating a battleground without a lot of luck.  The only gameplay aspect I would recommend is Brawler’s Guild, but again there is a limit.  Brawler’s Guild is not easy and will teach you a great deal about survivability and control.  You can’t just stand there as a hunter and hit the target.  You need to move, to kite, to control and these skills will server you in PvP too.  I don’t know if PvP gear will prove to be limiting as I progress up the ranks yet.


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