Ice Ice Baby

So we finally cleared all of the Hard Mode Flashpoints (Dungeons) in SWTOR.

Yes, it took that long.  Actually, we cleared all but one very quickly.  And then there was Lost Island.  For those of you who remember Shattered Halls, and how hard it was on Heroic back in the day.  Imagine that.  Then double it.  Now you have Lost Island.  It was quite painful.  Most people don’t get past the first boss because if you lack gear he will just nom you.

Maybe not double it.  That might be those rose tinted glasses.  But its at least that hard.

And in one nice feature, if you clear all the HMs, you get a mount (yes Crimsonstar is wearing a Republic dancer costume on his Bounty Hunter):

The successful HM Lost Island group on their new Aratech Ices.


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