The Cutting Edge

Did anyone else spot it?  In the latest patch were a couple of new Feats of Strength, all with the name ‘Cutting Edge: XXX’:

What I suspect these are are an indication that the Dragon Soul stacking buff/debuff is here to stay, but that you will recieve recognition if you choose to turn it off.  Albeit in the form of a Feat of Strength, rather than an Achievement.

Can we just hope this stops the endless whining?

What seems to always get lost in the casual/hardcore debate is the time issue.  People aren’t always behind the progress curve in Dragon Soul because they lack skill.  They can be behind the curve because they lack time.  A stacking buff/debuff (however they choose to make it work) makes killing bosses quicker.  It not only makes killing the bosses that are progress for you quicker, it also makes killing bosses that are not progress quicker, giving you more time to spend on the progress bosses.  I don’t raid heroic generally, because I am not willing to put in the time it would take.  I’ve been there, done that.  Instead I would rather spend my time taking part in the other activities the game has to offer.  Thats my choice.

If the haters had their way, I’d be excluded from raiding normal, because why raid normal other than to go on to heroic?  And I wouldn’t get any gear at all from Raid Finder because why do I need it if not to get to heroic?  And, in fact, Raid Finder wouldn’t exist because its too easy anyway and if I can’t kill it on heroic I don’t deserve the chance to see it at all.  Whats important is that some players can prance around the active city in prettier items than anyone else and go ‘haha noob’.  According to the haters.

Just yesterday my other half was in a part guild, part pug Hard Mode Flashpoint in SWTOR.  It was one of the more challenging ones.  The healer was a random.  He zoned in.  They inspected him.  His gear was good; better than theirs in fact.  That didn’t stop him being a complete Asshat.  He pulled stuff.  He ran off in the opposite direction to the tank.  He caused wipe after wipe.  He could prance around Fleet in his fancy gear and go ‘haha noob’.  His uber items didn’t make him any less of an Asshat and the butt of numerous jokes as the run went on.  He may have thought he was the best around, but behind the polite words in group chat, people thought he was scum.  So all that cool gear?  It doesn’t give you prestige.  It means nothing.  To anyone who has been playing an MMO for a while, top geared players, just like undergeared players, should be judged on their actions.

Who deserves prestige?  I personally value the theorycrafters, who help us all to be better.  The bloggers and vloggers who help us to think about our games.  The people who spend time posting those tactics we all use.  The people who help others in the game.  If we’re giving respect only to people with the biggest, shiniest shoulderpads, we’re measuring it wrong.

These new Feats fill in the gap perfectly.  If you want a way to measure the very best raiders, it needs to be something that is not exclusive. Like Challenge Mode mogging armor, a Feat of Strength has no value in the game.  Achievement points and gear you use for stats – limiting those is stopping people from being able to play the game to the point of completion (which is the point in playing, no matter how you choose to measure it ).  If people want to epeen, let it be with things that only have epeen value.


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