What to do in SWTOR at 50

Theres been some posts about what to do in WoW when you’re at the level cap.  I’ve played WoW a long time so I have certain activities I tend to participate in.  However, when I hit the level cap in SWTOR it was a whole different matter.  This is a list of the activities you can take part in – I’ll expand more on them in different posts.

Complete all the Flashpoints on normal
You need to complete some of these on normal before you can do the Hard Modes.  In the case of Kaon Unders Seige and the Lost Island, they drop some reasonable gear and are at least as challenging as some Hard Modes.  You need a group of four (tank, healer, 2x dps) for a Flashpoint.  If the Flashpoint is level appropriate and people aren’t overgeared, you will need all four players.

Daily quests
Another source of good PvE gear is the dailies.  There are dailies on three planets under normal circumstances (not counting any special even dailies).  These are Ilum, Belsavis and Corellia.  Right now, Corellia is the most important one because as well as the Dailies it has a Weekly that awards 6 Black Hole Commendations.  You can buy gear with Daily Commendations, as well as Mods and Schematics.

Complete all the Flashpoints on Hard Mode
I’m working on this at the moment.  This is where the cool gear lives before you get into Operations.  Start with Black Talon.  Don’t worry if you die to the first group (for some reason we seem to) as its the mob most likely to kill you in the whole place.  If you can manage Black Talon keep on working your way through.  There is also a quest to complete all of these that will give you a top level mount.  Remember to pick up the daily and weekly quest from Fleet before you go and do these.

Operations need 8 or 16 people.  They are the SWTOR equivalent of raids.  I would expect to clear most if not all of the Flashpoints on Hard Mode before I made a start on this.

Welcome to PvP.  At the moment there are four Warzones in the game.  You queue for these.  In return you get Valor and Commendations.  The Valor improves your PvP ranking and is needed for certain gear, whilst the Commendations can be used to buy gear. Again there are daily and weekly quests, so pick these up.

Rated Warzones
Not yet in the game.

Space Missions
SWTOR has its own mini-game.  You can play space missions as soon as you get your ship.  Its a rail shooter – you follow a path and complete some objectives.  Ship mods help here so you might want to buy some basic ones.

Complete all of the quests
Good way of making money.  You can also use the planetary commendations to buy Orange items for your Companions.  Don’t worry if they aren’t level appropriate as you can always replace the Mods with ones that are, making the gear good.  The better your Companion, the quicker your Dailies will go.

Crew Skills
There are benefits to maxing your crafting Skills, but maxxing your Skills will cost you money and I suggest you don’t spend a lot on it at low levels and finish it off at max level.  Particularly the Mission skill.  Once done, this can also be a source of cash.  To make anything cool you will need crafting items that drop in Hard Modes and Operations.  These are not bound and can be found on the GTN.  Crew Skills are a good way to make cash on the GTN.  And theres plenty to spend it on!

By the time your first toon hits 50 you will have opened your Legacy.  Explore the tabs to see what it offers.  It can cost a lot of money to open up a lot of the Legacy stuff.  You can keep upping your Legacy level by doing many of the things listed above, or by levelling an Alt.

Hunt for Datacrons
These are SWTOR easter eggs.  They are spread across all the worlds and provide a permanent increase to your stats.  In return, they are hard to find (and some are buggy at the moment).  Your Codex records which ones you have found.

A note on gearing
PvE gearing tree:

  • Tionese – you get these for Commendations and Crystals you can get via Hard Mode Flashpoints
  • Columni – you get these via Commendations from Hard Mode Flashpoint quests
  • Rakata – you get these from raiding. You may be able to craft something like this.
  • Black Hole – you get these from Commendations from raiding the top tier and Black Hole dailies.  There are no set bonuses on these items.
  • Campaign – you get these from raiding the top tier at the moment.

PvP gearing tree:

  • Recruit – You get these for cash
  • Battlemaster – You get these from Commendations obtained through Warzones
  • War Hero – You get these from Commendations obtained through Rated Warzones and Warzone dailies. Some of this gear has a Valor requirement.

When you hit 50, go and look at the Recruit vendor.  Some items will be upgrades, even for PvE, especially where you don’t have an Orange piece of armor.  If you like/don’t mind a bit of PvP, then start farming Battlemaster gear.  Battlemaster gear is better than Tionese gear and hard mode drops.  Its fairly even with Columni.

If you do want to PvP, buy a complete set of Recruit gear to do it.  Bioware are on record saying that Expertise makes a huge difference.  A complete set of recruit gear would certainly be better than a complete set of Columni, according to them.  I’m not sure for higher PvE gear levels.

What am I doing?
Hard Mode Flashpoints and PvP.  I find myself enjoying SWTOR PvP at the moment in particular.  The Flashpoints are a nice counterpoint to WoW Heroics as they have a particular feature that WoW once had, but has no longer – a noticable difficulty scale that you can’t overcome too quickly.  You might be able to complete Hard Mode Black Talon, but you could still have no chance of doing Kaon Under Siege until you radically improve your gear.  In fact, Hard Mode Black Talon is about the same difficulty as Normal Mode Kaon Under Siege and Lost Island.

Dreamscape is recruiting
Dreamscape is an Imperial guild on  the Peragus Mining Facility server.  We are looking for new players.  It doesn’t matter what you want to do right now – you could be levelling, an altaholic, enjoying PvP or just looking for a social place to potter around – we will welcome you.  Our only requirement is that you come prepared, having read up all you can, and watched the video, to be excellent to one another.  We are looking for people who might want to do 8 man Operations (Sunday/Monday nights?), but you certainly don’t have to.  Email me here or whisper Brynna on SWTOR to get an invite.


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