Account wide achievements are finally here

In the last beta patch Blizzard finally implemented account wide achievements and I was very happy to see they were completely account wide.  So all the achievements I’ve gathered while my priest and my paladin were my mains will soon be found on my hunter, Brynna.  This makes me happy.

Why account wide achievements are a good thing

  • If you have changed mains since the achievement system was implemented, you will be able to share all your achievements and (hopefully – GC has said this is the intention but is not guarenteed) their rewards across all of your toons.
  • Those achievement mounts that you don’t use on your main because you have something a bit cooler? You will be using them on your alts.
  • The guy who says ‘oh I cleared it on heroic on my other toon’ is now going to have to prove that.
  • You won’t feel you have to stick with one toon just because they have an insane number of achievement points and you don’t have time to do those again.

Achievements are no guarentee of a good player
There seem to be two main arguements against this change.  The first, seen a lot early on, but less often now, is that you wanted to know what toon a character used for raid achievements.

At first glance this seems valid, but actually, its not.  What the achievement system cannot do is assure you that the player behind the computer got that achievement in the role you want them to fulfil.  If that mage is being played by his little brother today, neither the old nor the new system will tell you that.  If that paladin got the achievement as retribution rather than protection, neither system will tell you that.  This system actually makes no difference whatsoever here.

How account wide achievements might offer us more to do
The second one seems to be that this will result in less to do for people who really like achievements and do them on each alt.  Some people like collecting achievements on multiple toons.  However, I think Ghostcrawler has already mentioned the solution to this very briefly.  Its implied in the name of the feature – ‘account wide achievements’.

For example – you currently have an achievement to level a toon to 85.  Each toon has that achievement and each time you level a toon to 85.  What if, instead, you had an achievement that counted the number of toons leveled to 85?  It might go up to 20 (one of each class on each faction) or just 10 (one of each class) and you get an achievement for every toon, like you do for levels of professions.  Or there might be a set of different achievements – level one toon to 85, level one of each faction to 85, level one of each class to 85, level one of each class to 85 as Alliance, level one of each class to 85 as Horde.  So each time you get an alt to 85 you get an achievement or part of an achievement.  And each time it contributes to the overall score, rather than just being yet another repeat of the same thing.

This opens up a world of possibilities.  There have never been any achievements for primary professions, but in this system you could have those, because everyone could have access to them.  And those people who love achievements and have over 12000 already one one toon and so are stuck to gain more points without significant investment of time and help, they will have a whole new set of achievements they can work on.

What current achievements would you like to see an Account Wide Edition of?


2 thoughts on “Account wide achievements are finally here

  1. I have to admit I’m somewhere in the middle on this.

    On the one hand, I’ve had multiple mains over the years, mostly dictated by the needs of my Guild rather than personal choice. The character I currently call my main has 2000 ish achievement points, my previous one has over 8000. Then there are all the mounts/pets that RNG has deposited on random barely played alts, but refused to give my main(s). I would most definitely benefit but I still don’t like the idea of everything being shared.

    On the beta, I have Loremaster which is fine but because it’s already ticked off on another character, I can’t track my progress on a second or third. Loremaster is just one example but the principle bugs me.

    I also don’t like the idea of all my characters having access to certain titles. It just seems wrong that a character who has never set foot in Ulduar should be able to wear the “Conqueror of Ulduar” title or that brand new characters should have access to my vanilla PvP titles.

    The other issue I have with the whole account-wide achievements as the way to go, is that I know quite a few people who are obsessed with achievement points but only play one character. Does that mean that to compete with everyone else, they’re going to have to level alts if they want to maintain their position at the top of the guild leaderboard.

    I know that it’s me, the player who earned them and had this been available when achievements were first introduced, I’d have been so happy but right now, I’m definitely on the fence.

    1. I think what WoW is trying to do is head towards achievements being something that is completed by the player and not the toon. A lot of things are moving to the account level. Its been heading this way for a while in WoW and having thought about it a bit I prefer it. It is, however, a big change in how we think about the game.

      Its also a part of how they have linked their games together. I think Blizzard is trying to get me to think of myself as Morrighan, the Blizzard gamer, rather than Brynna the Hunter on Darksorrow-EU, and Arianrhodd the Death Knight on Kilrogg-EU, and Akandra the SC2 player, and whoever I end up being in D3.

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