Morrighan’s Mists of Pandaria Crib Sheet

Everything you actually need to know about the upcoming expansion:

  • The beta will start Soon (TM).
  • The expansion will be released When Its Ready (TM).
  • AoE loot has been stolen from SWTOR, to much applause.
  • LFR looting system in a nutshell:  Boss dies and you have a random chance to get loot that is completely unrelated to anyone else’s chance to get loot.  If the boss has loot for your current spec, and regardless of whether or not you already have said loot.  Items brought from factions will enable to you get another shot at loot on a boss of your choice.
  • It will take a long time to get to exalted with factions, apparently.  And the previous point assures me you will actually try.
  • PokeWoW is still coming …
  • … and so is Farmville
  • There will be lots more daily quests.  Lots.
  • There will be lots of jokes involving beer.  Think of MoP as the Brewfest expansion.
  • Garrosh is a war criminal and you will bring him to justice (assuming Russia and China don’t veto you of course).
  • Hidden Gem: As well as Scenarios, there will be something called Proving Grounds.  Target dummy + lore + solo instance + achievements = Proving Grounds.  More achievements you can solo are good.
  • There will be three raids with 14 bosses between them at launch.  There will also be two world bosses.
  • There are two new battlegrounds.  This time, they are actually new and not a new map with an old mechanic.  Neither of them are DotA.
  • The “intention” is for a raid tier to last 4 months with another content patch halfway through. If you have expressive eyebrows, please now raise them skeptically.
  • Valor points won’t buy gear.  They will allow you to upgrade your current gear by increasing its ilevel and stats.  So when your next tier has a lousy bonus/makes you look like a giant banana, you can skip it.
  • There will be a Glyph that reduces the cast time of your Hearthstone while Divine Shield is active.  Bubble-hearth is back!

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