Link Love: More new blogs

So I added 5 new blogs to my blog roll the other day.  And now I find I can add 5 more.  Some of these are newer bloggers, but I’m also giving some Link Love to the amazing site that is MMO Melting Pot, who try to bring together the WoW blogging community by giving exposure to new bloggers and tying together discussions that take place across the blogosphere.  Hugh from MMO Melting Pot posted a comment on last week’s blog that reminded me I hadn’t added it, though I have followed the site for some time and appreciate what it does.  Then I realised I hadn’t linked Blog Azeroth either!  This site gives bloggers a forum to discuss things and bring together ideas.

So, without further ado:

  1. MMO Melting Pot
  2. Blog Azeroth
  3. Apple Cider Mage
  4. Bravetank
  5. Zwingli’s Blog

I’m currently putting together a Moar Achievements guide for Mountain O’ Mounts (probably in two parts as its quite long) and I intend to add some good SWTOR blogs to my reader and then my blogroll.


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