A day of achievements

Darkmoon Faire arrived and I started working on a few achievements on Morrighan (my Achievements Toon).  First I took a little ride:

Then I discovered that Blizzard have screwed up and reset the Darkmoon Faire achievements for the drops AGAIN.  So I decided to spend the gold and just get them.  I had quite a few of the items, including A Treatise on Strategy, an Ornate Hilt and a Monstrous Egg and I used all three before I discovered the reset.  So I spent about 2k gold getting this:

Then, this evening, I hopped onto Brynna (my current Raiding Toon) and we went to Dragon Soul with two bosses left.  First we managed to take out Spine, and my addon took this cool picture:

Then, just to top off the day, I got this:

All in all, a good day!


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