To do list: reset commencing 15 February 2012

I have too many things to do.  I have a whole long list of things I want to do in WoW, but not enough time in which to do them.  So I handle this by making a list.  This is my ‘to do’ list for this ‘reset’ (i.e. today to next Tuesday).

World of Warcraft

  • Run Brynna through both parts of LFR
  • Go to Baradin Hold with Brynna
  • Cap Brynna’s Valor Points
  • Run Akandra through both parts of LFR
  • Finish collecting enough Love Tokens to buy two more bird mounts on Brynna and Hesttia


  • Go to Baradin Hold on Akandra
  • Run Enalla through both parts of LFR
  • Start gearing Morrighan for LFR


  • Get Brynna to level 43
  • Get my Biochem caught up to my Bioanalysis


  • Do the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint

The trick to a good list to to make it achievable.  The ‘optional’ parts represent the fact that I probably don’t have time to to all of those.  I should have time to do the rest.

How to write ‘to do’ lists
I use three kinds of ‘to do’ lists – daily lists, weekly lists and master lists.  A master list is a big long list of everything you need to do.  Its useful, but often overwhelming.  You need to break it down into manageable pieces.

For gaming I do a weekly list, like the list above.  For work, I do a daily list.  At the start of each week I plan tasks for each day and everything else goes on a list for next week.  I revise these each day.



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