Fighting back against ‘rape’ comments

The Love is in the Air guide is coming I promise!

But now for something completely different.

Theres been a little Twitterstorm going on surrounding Mana Obscura‘s Gazimoff who, when watching videos from came across a video where one of the directors said that ‘women were built for rape’.  Thats an utterly distasteful comment.  Its not a joke – rape is never a joke because rape is a violent, nasty crime that has victims.  For those victims, male or female, it can never be a joke.  Its not ‘acceptable gaming terminology’ and its not funny.  If you think that it is please don’t comment here because all that means is you are an sexist scumbag with no sense of empathy and an ego the size of the moon.

Gazimoff has written to to complain.  You can see his letter via Google+.  I just wanted to raise awareness of what he is doing and applaud him.  I know he will get a lot of abuse for doing this (its a sad thing, but those who stand up against this kind of behaviour do get a lot of abuse from the kind of people I mentioned above who not only think its okay to use that language, but defend the right of people to do it because they think it makes them less of a scumbag if all the cool kids are scumbags too).  Hes already had some people complain on Twitter.

So this is the anti-abuse.  Its the cheering Gazimoff on post.  I often find the haters are more vocal than the support so I wanted to make a point of offering support.



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  1. if you actually watched the video you know what he meant by that statement he meant no harm by it, he was making the comparison how a man feels after being mugged and a woman being raped, honestly you cant make that comparison and i have a female family who has been sexually abused its very personal to me what he said but he wasn’t saying it to make rape less hurtful then it is, he should have said it much differently but this man wasn’t trying to do harm, and your trying to make this guy to be some sort of monster he isn’t, every monday he “opens” mail and answers or tries to questions people have whether regarding suicide to muggings. you should SHOW concern about MrObviouslyJesus who comments/message Woodys gamertag saying he will rape his wife and daughter then goes on to talk about his son who is autistic in a way and make fun of him to get more views for his channel to make more money now you really should be focusing on THAT, because what he is doing is disgusting telling someone he will rape thier wife or daughter just in order to get more views for his channel to get an extra couple of bucks, you really should show support of complaining about MrObviouslyJesus who intuitionally thinks its fun to troll someone by saying he will sexually assault their wife/child, before you start showing support to complain about guy who actaully wants to help people and god knows everyone isnt perfect and he said something in poor taste but meant not hard by it.

    1. I did watch it. So what your saying is its okay for him to say such things because he didn’t mean to upset anyone and there are far worse people out there?

      So it is okay for people to drive drunk because they don’t mean to kill anyone and there are mass murderers out there?

      No. The behaviour of the commenter is irrelevant here. Yes, it is also bad. But the fact that it is bad does not mean we shouldn’t also hold other people to account for their actions.

      So that leaves us with ‘he didn’t mean anything by it’. And thats EXACTLY the problem. If you, by any chance, follow football in the UK you will see a lot of news at the moment about Luis Suarez and his refusal to shake hands with the man he was banned for racially abusing. He did that because in his mind, the racial abuse was acceptable. He didn’t mean anything by it. It was just a word used the way other insults that were not racially motivated might be used. In his mind it is the fault of the victim he was banned for making such a fuss. Thats the same arguement you are using here. That the maker of the video made a comment he obviously deems to be acceptable in his own mind because otherwise he would never have said it publically. I argue that it is NEVER acceptable. Not as a joke, not because he ‘meant no harm by it’.

      The good news here is that society is taking an interest. It has deemed that Suarez was wrong and, in a small corner of the internet, people are deeming that making a joke out of rape is wrong. Maybe, just maybe, the world will be a slightly better place tomorrow.

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