The New Year post: Why I am taking a break from raiding, and what I’m going to do instead

Why I am taking a break from raiding
I have stopped full time raiding with  my guild.  It was a hard choice to come to, but I am happy I have done it.  There were lots of reasons, but they all ultimately boiled down to time and committing time.  I only have so many free hours in a week, and I was committing a lot of them to raiding.  I believe that if I want to commit to raiding, I commit to showing up every time (or as close as you can reasonably manage).  Raiding, however, never seems to stop, so I have decided to make that break for myself instead.

It was a bit of a perfect storm that led to this decision.  Partly real life issues (a small child, about to go back to work, moving house) and partly gaming issues (SWTOR, LFR, MoP announcement, alts).  Basically, I felt like I had more demanding real life commitments that, whilst I could probably manage, would be more difficult to manage if I didn’t have more flexibility.  I also found myself with more things I wanted to do that were not raiding and realised I wasn’t going to be able to do everything.  Then LFR hit and finally I can ‘see’ the content, albeit with less of a challenge, in a couple of hours.  And thats enough for me for now.

What am I going to do instead?
These will probably cover the first part of the year:


  1. Get my warlock to 85
  2. Gear up as many chars as I can via the raid finder/PvP
  3. Participate in the MoP beta (accessed via the annual pass)
  4. Moar achievements!


  1. Get a couple of characters to 50
  2. Participate in an operation
  3. Gear up at least one character to PvP
  4. Get the hang of space battles

For the blog I have a few ideas.  I will try and post more of the Moar Achievements series (and post them a bit quicker!)  I will finish the current LFR Crib Sheets.  And I am going to write some SWTOR crib sheets.  I might write some LFR/VP level gear lists.  I will write about the MoP beta when it starts, especially about PokeWoW.  I might also try and collate some useful resources for different aspects of WoW and SWTOR.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of things you want to read from me in relation to SWTOR or WoW? I’ll respond to each suggestion made with either a post or a good reason why I can’t write it (i.e. I am the worlds worst mage, 1920s French cinema is not WoW or SWTOR related, I’ll get arrested for writing that, etc.)



2 thoughts on “The New Year post: Why I am taking a break from raiding, and what I’m going to do instead

  1. good to see you getting some rest from raiding. Playing should be fun and not a must. I had the feeling it was you and hubby more then a must. This will take th fun out of a great game.


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