Why Morrighan wrote the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple Crib Sheet twice, or your responsibilities as a Raider

I imagine some people were confused by the fact I published the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple Crib Sheet twice.  There is an explanation on the Current Crib Sheets page.  But I will also go into it here.

Whats the difference?
The new Crib Sheet, which is the one linked on the Current Crib Sheets page, contains LFR tactics only.  I’ve been a bit conservative and the LFR tactics are possibly a little more detailed than you will need.  But LFR can be quite random and it depends on your group.  From now on, LFR tactics are the only ones I will produce Crib Sheets before.  If you want more detailed tactics I suggest heading on over to Icy Veins and watching Learn to Raid/Tankspot videos.

Why the change?
One thing that never ceases to irritate me is being in a raid and realising the people you are raiding with don’t understand how the tactics work.  You know this when someone makes the same mistake over and over.

Heres an example.  How many times does someone need to drop a ball close to the hug point on Ragnaros before they come to understand that the closer you are to those balls, the more damage they do?  There is no limit because this is something players rarely understand from doing.  You only understand it if you have bothered to read at least the encounter journal and preferably tactics.  There are some awesome guilds who can figure this out.  Also some players.  If you can, then congratulations to you.  If you can’t, and your raid wipes again because you ran in too soon, then you are letting down every player in that raid who has bothered to read the tactics and make sure they understand the fights so they can execute them better.

This isn’t just a random rant.  My crib sheets aren’t designed to explain the mechanics.  They tell you what to do and little more.  In LFR, thats enough.  If you can do what you need to, it will die.  In normal raiding, that might get you through.  But your raids will not be smooth and your progress won’t be great.  And I don’t want to contribute to that problem further by enabling people with a short cut that might let them scrape through some fights, but that will ultimately see them come up short on difficult fights.  Each guild or PuG needs to deal with this issue as they see fit.  But I don’t want to help people hide the fact that they can’t be bothered.

This should ultimately make the crib sheets better.  They will be shorter and more suited to their purpose.  They won’t be as confusing.  And they will hopefully help make raids better and not worse.

Fall of Deathwing LFR Crib Sheet – coming soon to a computer near you! 


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