Shameless guild recruitment post (we need a resto druid)

What can I say.  I am a GM now and I am going to use every tool in my armory.  And we are so close to that Majordomo kill – if we had a healer who could have done the whole raid tonight he would have gone down.  17%!!!

So …

Dreamstate is level 25 Alliance guild on the Darksorrow-EU server and we are looking for a resto druid. We have killed 5/7 bosses in FL and you could help us make it 6/7!

Key info
Raid times:

  • Thur 2100-2400
  • Sun 2100-2400
  • Tue 2100-2400

We are looking for someone who can make at least two of those raids and specifically the Sunday raid.

We expect you to come to raids having read up on the tactics in advance. The guild provides all consumables and repairs during raids. We run a loot council system which works extremely well as we are a relaxed guild and most people want the loot to go where it will help us progress.

Why join Dreamstate?
Dreamstate is a fun guild to be in. We have a website and you can apply there, but all of our communication is via our Facebook page. We do our best in raids, but we also like to have a laugh. We named the raid trash in FL as we got so bored of farming it (sadly Barry and Steve were the surgers that went on an extended holiday and we miss them). We are looking for someone who wants to raid in this kind of environment. We are a mature guild, with mostly older raiders and understand that people have RL commitments. We have a lot of people with lots of achievements and we often do achievement runs. We also have a lot of alts if thats your thing and we do alt runs too. Dreamstate is a community, not just a raiding guild.

Does this sound like the kind of place you want to raid in? If it does then you can apply via that website, or you can whisper Akandra (GM) or Palladig (Recruitment Officer) or any Officer, or any of our many alts … just ask anyone in guild and they can point you our way.


One thought on “Shameless guild recruitment post (we need a resto druid)

  1. wow.. this post makes me want to reopen my WoW account and swap servers on my druid… hope you find someone good!

    dammit, your guild just sounds so damn perfect! 😉

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