Moar Achievements: Uldum

Uldum is a levelling area you can access at level 83.  It is opened via a quest line starting in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  You should watch at least the first three Indiana Jones movies before attempting this zone.

You can find the following achievements in Uldum:

  • Unearthing Uldum – complete 105 quests in Uldum.
  • Help the Bombardier! I’m the Bombardier – kill 10 Schnotzz infantry with one artillery shell during the Fire From the Sky daily quest.
  • In a Thousand Years Even You Might Be Worth Something – just keep completing quests until you get this.
  • Explore Uldum – explore the entire area.
  • Ramkahen – gain Exalted with Ramkahen.
  • One Hump or Two? – once you are Exalted you can buy a camel mount.

Within Uldum lie three dungeons – The Vortex Pinnacle, Lost City of the Tol’vir and Halls of Origination. You can find the following achievements in these:

  • The Vortex Pinnacle – complete this dungeon on normal difficulty.
  • Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle – complete this dungeon on heroic difficulty.
  • No Static at All – completely avoid the Static Cling effect during the Asaad encounter.
  • Extra Credit Bonus Stage – Collect 5 Golden Orbs in a single visit.
  • Lost City of the Tol’vir – complete this dungeon on normal difficulty.
  • Heroic: Lost City of the Tol’vir – complete this dungeon on heroic difficulty.
  • Acrocalypse Now – Defeat 20 Frenzied Crocolisks within 10 seconds during the Lockmaw encounter.
  • Kill it With Fire! – Defeat 3 Burning Souls during the High Prophet Barim encounter
  • Headed South – Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge.
  • Halls of Origination – complete this dungeon on normal difficulty.
  • Heroic: Halls of Origination – complete this dungeon on heroic difficulty.
  • I Hate That Song – Defeat Temple Guardian Anhuur without allowing him to sing Reverberating Hymn for more than 15 seconds.
  • Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back – Defeat Earthrager Ptah while mounted on a camel (just don’t stand in stuff so it doesn’t die).
  • Faster Than the Speed of Light – Complete the Vault of Lights within 5 minutes of entering.
  • Sun of a … – Defeat Rajh before he completes an entire recharging phase (a speed kill, though you can interrupt his abilities to get some more time).

You can also obtain the following pets/mounts/tabards:

  • Brown Riding Camel – Buy this mount once you are Exalted with Ramkahen.
  • Tan Riding Camel –  Buy this mount once you are Exalted with Ramkahen.
  • Grey Riding Camel – this rare mount has a 100% drop chance from Dormus the Camel-Hoarder who you have a chance to access if you click on a Mysterious Camel Figurine in Uldum.*
  • Drake of the  North Wind – this rare mount drops from Altarius in Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle.*
  • Tabard of the Ramkahen – Don’t forget to wear it and write down somewhere that you have done so.

You also want to complete the following component of achievements:

  • Simmered Squid – Eat it for Cataclysmically Delicious.
  • Sheep – /love it for To All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before.
  • Oasis Moth – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me.
  • Mac Frog – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me.
  • Sharptooth – Fish it for The Limnologist.
  • Blackbelly Mudfish – Fish it for The Limnologist.
  • Lavascale Catfish – Fish it for The Limnologist.

How you do it
This is some further explanation for some of the achievements above:

  1. For Help the Bombardier you will notice that most of the infantry are in groups of nine with the occasional patrol on its own.  The idea is you combine these.  However, there is a short period of time during which the infantry can die so you can also shoot a distant pack, and then get a shot off on a nearer pack.  Done quickly enough these should die within the time frame.
  2. For No Static At All you need to jump so that you are in the air when the boss casts Static Cling.  Static Cling has a cast time so you just need to get the trick of the timing.  Its a personal achievement so you are only responsible for your own jumps.
  3. For Extra Credit Bonus Stage there are some orbs around the instance – mostly just off the edge of platforms.  You need to click on these.  You will need to jump off the edge to get many of them, and there are two in the air above the dragon boss.  Its tricky to get the clicks, but since there are no limits like combat, etc. you can get this one easily.  There are more orbs than you need.
  4. For Acrocalypse Now you might want two healers at earlier gear levels.  Just don’t kill the crocodiles until you have 20 (hug before you nuke).  They come in fours and target the person with Scent of Blood.  They can be taunted/tanked but they apply a nasty debuff so it might be better to kite them.
  5. Kill it with Fire! is misleading.  During the shadow phase ghosts will spawn and follow people around.  Normally you kill them.  In this case you kite them into fire left by the Phoenix and they turn into Burning Souls very briefly.  Rather than try to catch them actually as Burning Souls, you need to look for the debuff on them after they have transformed.  You can kill them at any time as long as they have that debuff.
  6. Headed South is quite hard to get, and even harder to get on five people at once.  Start the fight and kill the Minions of Siamat (casters) but NOT the Servants of Siamat (melee).  Mark the Servants so you know what order they appeared in.  Killing the last Servant that appeared triggers phase 2, but hold off on this until you have dps’d Siamat down a lot.  This is SLOW, but do it anyway and keep going.  Your only limit here is healer mana.  We normally get him to 50% before triggering phase 2.  You all need to hug before starting phase 2 and stay hugged.  Kill the last Servant to spawn.  He will apply a debuff to everyone in range.  You need to kill the other two Servants before you kill the boss to get three debuffs.  You need to space out killing them so the debuff does not run out – killing another Servant will renew it.  How much you need to space these out depends on your dps.
  7. For I Hate That Song there is a trick.  Send your tank down to collect all the snakes from the pits before pulling the boss.  They need to keep all the snakes on themselves and alive for the entire fight.  Then just assign two dps to go and pull the levers.  Jump down just before the Hymn starts and hit them immediately.  There will be very little damage and no interrupts with the snakes out of the way.
  8. For Faster Than the Speed of Light you just need to keep moving.  Don’t stop.  Pull, kite and kill.  Watch out for the shields on the water boss.  You only need to kill the four mini-bosses to get the achievement.

*Follow the link to Wowhead for detailed information on rare spawns and how to get them.  There is normally a wealth of information on these as people hunt them obsessively.

The above is based on my experience or the best information I could find where I did not have direct experience.  If you think anything is wrong please post below and I will do my best to respond although I may not agree.  If there is something wrong/especially useful I will update the guide.

Current as of 24 August 2011 (patch 4.2).


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