Moar Achievements: Deepholm

Deepholm is a levelling area you can access at level 82.  It is opened via a quest line starting in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  The Therazane faction based her has the shoulder enchants you will want at level 85 for PvE.

You can find the following achievements in Deepholm:

  • Deep into Deepholm – complete 110 quests in Deepholm.
  • Fungal Frenzy – Suffer the effects of a Poolstool, Shuffletruffle, Shrinkshroom and Trapcap simultaneously.
  • Fungalphobia – Kill Funglomancer Glop without taking damage from his exploding mushrooms.
  • My Very Own Broodmother – complete this daily quest in 90 seconds.
  • Rock Lover – complete this daily quest 10 times.
  • The Glop Family Line – complete this daily quest 10 times.
  • Explore Deepholm – explore the entire area.
  • Therazane – gain Exalted with Therazane.

Within Deepholm lies The Stonecore dungeon where you can find the following achievements:

  • The Stonecore – complete this dungeon on normal difficulty
  • Heroic: The Stonecore – complete this dungeon on heroic difficulty
  • Rotten to the Core – Defeat 60 Disciples within 10 seconds during the High Priestess Azil encounter in the Stonecore on Heroic Difficulty.

You can also obtain the following pets/mounts/tabards:

  • Pebble – You get this pet by completing Rock Lover
  • Tiny Shale Spider – This rare pet can be obtained by killing Jadefang in the Crumbling Depths.*
  • Phosphorescent Stone Drake – This rare mount can be obtained by mounting and killing Aeonaxx who flies around Deepholm.*
  • Vitreous Stone Drake – This rare mount drops from the boss Slabhide in Heroic: The Stonecore.
  • Tabard of Therazane – Don’t forget to wear it and write down somewhere that you have done so.

You also want to complete the following component of achievements:

  • Albino Cavefish – Fish it for The Limnologist

How you do it
This is some further explanation for some of the achievements above:

  1. For Fungal Frenzy you will need to be on the daily quest to destroy some mushrooms.  All mushrooms have the same name, but they look different.  Poolstools are red.  Shuffletruffles are white.  Shrinkshrooms are brown.  Trapcaps (the ones that explode) are purple with red spots.  The debuffs last 2 minutes (apart from the Trapcap one which is only given when it explodes so do this one last).  You should scout for the mushrooms before starting as you can only click on a limited number until the quest criteria are met.
  2. For Funglophobia he only casts exploding mushrooms when stationary.  I moved around the areas he stopped in a circle to control where they spawned.  Easier in a group as he dies faster.
  3. For My Very Own Broodmother you need imba dps.  Or you can game it.  The method I used was to start the quest, kill the drake, land and hit the crystal a second time, then hand in.  You need to hand in the quest within 90 seconds of hitting the crystal to get the achievement.
  4. For Rotten to the Core there are 60 cultists sitting in front of the last boss waiting to be massacred for achievements.  You need to pull them, pull the boss (therefore being in the fight) and then kill them fast.  You do not need to kill the boss to get this achievement.

*Follow the link to Wowhead for detailed information on rare spawns and how to get them.  There is normally a wealth of information on these as people hunt them obsessively.

The above is based on my experience or the best information I could find where I did not have direct experience.  If you think anything is wrong please post below and I will do my best to respond although I may not agree.  If there is something wrong/especially useful I will update the guide.

Current as of 5 August 2011 (patch 4.2).


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