Moar Achievements: Vashj’ir

Vashj’ir is one of the two starter areas for Cataclysm. You can go there at level 80 via a quest from either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  This is the infamous underwater zone, but its nowhere near as difficult as that suggests.

You can find the following achievements in Vashj’ir:

  • Sinking into Vashj’ir – complete 130 quests in Vashj’ir
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – complete the entire main quest chain in Vashj’ir.
  • Visions of Vashj’ir Past – complete the three Naga Battle Maiden vision quests.
  • From Hell’s Heart I Stab at Thee – Kill a Whale Shark.
  • Explore Vashj’ir – explore the entire area.
  • The Earthern Ring – gain Exalted with the Earthern Ring.
  • Throne of the Tides and Heroic Throne of the Tides – complete the relevant dungeons
  • Prince of Tides – Defeat an Unyielding Behemoth while you have the Tidal Surge effect during the Ozumat encounter in HC: TotT
  • Old Faithful – Get Lady Naz’jar to kill one of her minions with her Geyser ability in HC: TotT

You can also obtain the following pets/mounts/tabards:

  • Subdued Seahorse – Mount you get given as part of the Vashj’ir quest chain
  • Abyssal Seahorse – Rare mount dropped by Poseidus*
  • Tabard of the Earthern Ring – Don’t forget to wear it and write down somewhere that you have done so.

You also want to complete the following components of achievements:

  • Greasy Whale Milk – Drink it for Drown Your Sorrows
  • Rockchewer Whelk – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me
  • Sea Cucumber – /love it for To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me
  • Abyssal Clam – Obtain it for The Oceanographer

How you do it
This is some further explanation for some of the achievements above:

  1. Just keep doing the quests in the zone until you have both Visions and 20,000 Leagues.
  2. The Earthern Ring quartermaster is in Vashj’ir, but you can also gain rep from the Firelands dailies quests and Twilight Highlands.
  3. The Whale Shark for From Hells Heart is elite.  As in if he hits you, you die no matter what elite.  He cannot be tanked – he needs to be kited and ranged dps are the best people to do this.  The best way is to get a large group of people, designate a kiter and have everyone stay below their threat.  The kiter should be at max range and then just keep moving backwards at all times.  Try to pick one near a graveyard so people can get back fast as they will likely die.  You can do this with very few people, but hes very hard to turn and he will reset if you just keep going.
  4. For Prince of Tides there is only one behemoth in the fight which spawns in phase 1.  Instead of killing it, have your tank kite it.  In phase 3 when you all get made into giant-uber-players to kill Ozumat, kill it.
  5. For Old Faithful, Geyser is the small blue circle that erupts on the floor which she uses when she is mobile.  DPS a caster add to about 50% then stand all on top of it and wait for her to kill it with Geyser.  Alternatively you can use the melee add which will be kitable.  He might need a bit less health.

*Follow the link to Wowhead for detailed information on rare spawns and how to get them.  There is normally a wealth of information on these as people hunt them obsessively.

The above is based on my experience or the best information I could find where I did not have direct experience.  If you think anything is wrong please post below and I will do my best to respond although I may not agree.  If there is something wrong/especially useful I will update the guide.

Current as of 13 August 2011 (patch 4.2.2).


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