The calm before the storm: 4.3, premium services and Blizzcon

Does anyone else feel like we’re in the calm before the storm? Its been a VERY long time since we’ve had such a silence from the developers on almost all issues. I’ve been following sites like MMO Champion, etc. since the beginning of Wrath and its never been this quiet.

What do you all think they are working on right now? I am pretty certain there is some kind of announcement about 4.3 on the horizon. And of course one of the Blues already mentioned they are preparing for Blizzcon so there is likely to be something pretty big there. But I can’t help but feel theres something else in the works. Something to do with the cross-server invite tool and premium services perhaps. Maybe something to do with that mysterious hint about a reason to explore old content more that was dropped a while back? Or to do with the promises to improve Archaeology?

What else might be hidden in the depths of Blizzard HQ’s collective brain (resistance is futile)?


One thought on “The calm before the storm: 4.3, premium services and Blizzcon

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  1. I just heard about the armor set Transmogrifier in patch 4.3. It looks interesting, it will be nice to have a uniform look to gear, but I also like the hodge podge look of random gear now.

    I am not sure how I feel about the ride on Deathwing’s back. Seems a little amusement park-ish and theatrical gratification…but maybe that’s not a bad thing.

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