Why PuG RL need to learn to read

So when Blizzard put VP back onto the t11 raids it was both a good and a bad thing.  On our Wednesday for fun t11 clear I often now take my main, Akandra.  Post-nerf you can easily two-man heal all of t11 apart from Conclave and Nefarian (simply because of range issues).  And maybe Al’akir.  But since we always make a mess of him I have no idea on that one.

Monday night rolls around and I am VP capped on Akandra.  So I decide to try and farm some VP on Enalla.  I do this just as we win Tol Barad which leads to … Baradin Hold and WarriorIdiotRL.  Hes asking for people for a class run.  I whisper the following line:

/whisper WarriorIdiotRL feral cat ilevel 363

I get an invite.  I then check to make sure I have whispered CAT and not BEAR.  Just in case.  I see my whisper, it clearly says CAT.  Thats CAT spelt C-A-T not B-E-A-R.  Which is why I am confused when, after we wipe, I get told I am one of the tanks.

Can’t I just go bear anyway?  Of course not – I’m not crit immune!  I actually wonder if he did read cat and decided to see if he could bully me into tanking.  I don’t have a tanking spec or gear set so that kinda failed.

Just as I left that group, my husband says theres a melee spot in Throne of the Four Winds.  It couldn’t be worse right?  We should at least down Conclave right?


HunterIdiotRL doesn’t actually know the tactics.  Hes got 3 healers, 2 tanks (after people explained to him he needed 2 and not 1) marked in the group.  So he hands the raid over to my husband who starts organising people.  Theres a little confusion as people do have different tactics for Conclave.  Some put dps on Nezir, some only dps him during the special abilities phase.  All of those tactics work but you need to pick one.

What doesn’t work is when one of the healers says ‘I’m Ret’.

How to RL PuGs

  1. Learn to read your whispers properly.
  2. When you are putting a group together, even a class run, spec matters more than class.  Don’t just see orange and think bear or see pink and think healer.  Check you have the right spec before you invite.  If they don’t say their spec, check it with them.  Then feel free to check again.  A line like ‘have you tanked this before Enalla?’ would have been a subtle way of checking he had the right spec.  Ask the healers ‘HealerA and HealerB can you sort out between you who is healing what’.
  3. Don’t assume someone will change spec and fill another role just because you want them to.  A cat specced out for dps can’t just go bear.  Even if you are lucky and they are crit immune, they will lack massive amounts of avoidance.  Feral cats are also likely to have high Haste, which does nothing for bears.  Expecting a ret to heal is even worse.  Its an entirely different set of gear.
  4. Read the tactics before you start putting a group together.  You will be expected to direct people and you won’t always get people like myself or my husband in your group who know the fight well enough from all angles to explain it.  A RL needs to know not just their own assignment, but everyone elses too. 

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