Moar Achievements: Firelands dailies

Patch 4.2 brought a raft of new daily quests and a bunch of achievements to do.  I thought I would start here, with something that will give you both achievement points and gear. There are three overarching achievements that you will get as you progress through the Firelands dailies, two based on progression and one meta:

  • Legacy of Leyara – given for the three Leyara quests you are given as you progress through the stages.
  • The Molton Front Offensive – given for opening all the various parts of the dailies.
  • Veteran of the Molton Front – meta for completing all of the Firelands dailies achievements.

There are also the following achievements:

  • And the Meet Shall Inherit Kalimdor – help some critters in the Regrowth
  • Infernal Ambassadors – kill the quest mobs whilst meeting the requirements
  • Gang War – win a duel in Sethria’s roost while on the quest there.
  • Have … Have We Met? – /wave to the named NPCs who will be amongst the assistants you have whilst questing there.
  • The Fiery Lords of Sethria’s Roost – kill the named rare spawns.
  • Flawless Victory – solo kill a Molton Behemoth without taking damage from Motlon Stomp or Fiery Boulder
  • Master of the Molton Flow – kill the named mobs in certain ways.
  • Death from Above – bomb some giant fire elementals (requires: Druids of the Talon recruited)
  • King of the Spider-Hill – climb to the top of the tallest peak in the Shadow Wardens quest area by attacking the spiders so they pull you up.
  • Fireside Chat – talk to the named people (requires: Druids of the Talon and Shadow Wardens recruited)
  • Ready for Raiding II – kill the named mobs whilst avoiding their special abilities.

You can also obtain the following pets/mounts:

  • Crimson Lasher – brought from a stage 3 vendor – expensive!
  • Hyjal Bear Cub – brought from a stage 3 vendor – expensive!
  • Searing Scorchling – rare drop from Zen’Vorkha’s Cache which can be brought for 30 tokens.
  • Flame Ward Hippogryph – awarded for The Molton Front Offensive

How you do it
This is some further explanation for some of the achievements above:

  1. When faced with the choice to recruit the Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens theres no right choice.  The Druids of the Talon will give you access to the bombing run daily which will help you complete Death from Above.  The Shadow Wardens give you an extra daily.  I would personally go for Druids of the Talon.  Once you open the Shadow Wardens do the quests there once to open the Crimson Lasher daily.
  2. When faced with the choice to recruit an armorer, the Ancients or a Moonwell you can either look at the items they sell and pick the ones you need most or follow this order: Ancients, Armorer, Moonwell.  The Ancients give you an extra 3 marks a day and the Armorer 1 mark.  The Ancients also give you the quest for Ready for Raiding II.
  3. You can only do either the Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Warden dailies in a given day.  You have no idea how many times I have explained that in General.
  4. For The Molton Front Offensive:
    1. Find the Fire Lasher means opening the Fire Lasher daily.  You need to recruit the Shadow Wardens and then kill druids of the flame until one drops an acorn.  Pick up the quest and hand it in to open this daily.  Only one person in a group can pick up the acorn, but they can then share it with everyone in their group.
    2. Save Anren Shadowseeker means completing the escort quest underground in the Druids of the Talon dailies area.  Anren can be found at the bottom of the cave area.
  5. For And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor:
    1. Throw the Hyjal Bear Cub and the Child of Tortolla at the local mobs.  The latter is easiest at point blank range.
    2. The Alpine Songbird needs to kill something.  Keep killing Millagazor until you get the killing blow with an Alpine Songbird assistant (make sure its not you getting the killing blow, but it could be other birds).  This can take a while.
    3. The Angry Little Squirrels require you to kill a Firelands invader near a squirrel who will ‘help’ – they can be found in dead trees in green grass.
  6. For Infernal Ambassadors note the achievement requires you to summon the mob.  Also:
    1. Millagazor casts Gout of Flame on you and you need to keep running until it stops (lots of Pillars of Flame appear behind you).
    2. Lylagar Breath will cast in a frontal cone.  You have time to move.
    3. Hide under the shield for Nemesis – best to stand on the turtle the whole time.
    4. Galanges – just don’t kill it alone.
  7. For Gang War get a friend to help but remember your ‘assistants’ will be helping and that can make it tricky.
  8. For The Fiery Lords of Sethria’s Roost the spawns are fairly regular, but they are popular.  You may need help to kill these, depending on your class, even with the quest assistants.  These mobs are yellow so you can clear around them.  Also:
    1. Kelbnar spawns at the southern point of the northernmost plateau.  He is a dog.
    2. Fah Jarkakk spawns on one of the small platforms in the middle of the area.  He is a Molton Lord.  Pull him well away from the edge if your assistant is tanking or they will fall off the edge.
    3. Searris is a fire elemental who patrols the southern platform.
    4. Andrazor is a bird who flies above the whole area.
  9. For Flawless Victory note you have to SOLO KILL the Behemoth.  Fiery Boulder puts a shadow on the ground where it will land so move.  Molton Stomp is a short range AoE so move out.  This is much easier as ranged.  On melee I tended to run back and forth through the boss hitting him when I was in range.
  10. For Master of the Molton Flow:
    1. The Flamewalker Shaman puts a patch of fire on the ground and the drops a meteor.  Keep the Shaman in that fire.
    2. The Flamewalker Hunter casts Wild Barrage very occasionally.  Run around, in unexpected directions to avoid it.  It needs to be cast on you.
    3. The Flamewalker Sentinel picks a party member up very occasionally.  Kill it while they have that person in their hands.  Make sure the Sentinel can reach lava easily or it might bug.  Combat pets count as a party member.
  11. For Death from Above note that its random which elemental is available at any time.  The available elemental appears to reset twice a day (highly speculative).  You can just hang on to this daily until you get it but only as long as you don’t do the Shadow Wardens quests.  You only have to hit it, not kill it.
  12. For Fireside Chat each of the following will have a chat option:
    1. Malfurion Stormrage can be spoken to once he is in the tree cave.
    2. Jarod Shadowsong is Commander Jarod Shadowsong and is in Malfurion’s Breach (if you are looking for him type /tar Commander not /tar Jarod).
    3. Thisalee Crow can be spoken to in the underground area while you are doing the Druids of the Talon dailies.
    4. Deldren Ravenclaw is in the Folorn Spire while you are doing the Shadow Wardens dailies.
    5. Matoclaw is at the Sanctury of Malorne.
    6. Dorda’en Nightweaver can be spoken to at the Sanctury of Malorne after the encounter between Leyara and Hamuul.
    7. Arthorn Windsong is crouched down near the fire hawk area while you are doing the Druids of the Talon dailies.
    8. General Taldris Moonfall is in Malfurion’s Breach.
  13. For Ready for Raiding II:
    1. Ancient Charscale throws a Javelin (move from where it will land) and does a line of fire in front of him (don’t be in front of him, he will cast this multiple times in a row).
    2. Ancient Smoldering Behemoth keep out of his short range AoE fire and move quickly out of rain of fire (and move well away).
    3. Ancient Firelord does a pillar of flame (get off of it before it explodes) and a flaming spout that he circles around casting in a frontal cone (move round and stay out of it).
    4. Cinderweb Queen don’t get hit by her web (move when she starts casting).  The spiderlings don’t appear to count.
    5. Devout Harbinger appears to be buggy.  Best done with the aid of friends or random strangers doing the quest. Start the fight and tag him.  Then run to the bottom of the ramp.  Just before the fight ends run back up and hit him somehow.  You need to stay out of the flame following you around and not get hit by the balls of fire, but the latter are odd and can hit you whatever you do.  Just keep on running if you choose to stay up there and hope.

The above is based on my experience or the best information I could find where I did not have direct experience.  If you think anything is wrong please post below and I will do my best to respond although I may not agree.  If there is something wrong/especially useful I will update the guide.

Current as of 1 August 2011 (patch 4.2).


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