Moar Achievements

Welcome to my new project.  Heres the background.  Just before I started raiding again, Morrighan reached one of my goals.  She got 9000 achievement points.  This puts her firmly in the top 10 achievement points in our guild (or did at the time).  In our guild theres an element of friendly competition about achievement points.  The great thing about these is we can compete and cooperate at the same time.  We help each other out with advice and groups for things, but at the same time work on the solo achievements in order to try and get more points than each other.  Not everyone is involved, but those that are find it fun.

Then, I changed main.  When I changed to Akandra she had around 4900 achievement points.  Clearly I had some work to do!

So this is how I am going about it.  Instead of deciding to work on The Oceanographer, then Drown Your Sorrows, then the Loremaster and spending a lot of time flying to the same places again and again, I have collated the achievements into a list by zone.

I’m going to start by posting the world zones, including raid content without a huge number of achievements, all dungeons, and the cities.  I’ll follow this with raids and battlegrounds.  Within these posts are all the component parts to get the various meta achievements out there.  It won’t quite work that you only have to go to each place once, but you should have to go a LOT less.

There are two sets of achievements that are an exception to this rule:

  1. Holiday achievements.  I will post a guide to each of these as they happen, but you basically have to do these achievements when they are on, and when they are on you normally need to focus on them in order to complete them in their limited timeframe.  They don’t combine well.
  2. Archeology.  Archeology is too random to work well with other achievements.  I will just write a separate guide for this one.

How to use this guide
You can either follow it in the order its posted, or go through the indexed zones.  I’ll post an index in alphabetical order to allow people to look for particular zones to focus on.  I will start with the most recent content and work from there.  Sometimes it might be a little random depending on where I find myself.

There will be several types of achievement listed:

  • Complete basic achievements, with a note if they are Horde or Alliance only.
  • Components of achievements.  Many of these can be found in multiple places.  They will mostly be listed in the zone they were most commonly found in according to Wowhead.
  • Long term achievements (see the Ongoing List below).

The Ongoing List
As you go you will discover not all achievements can be done in one day.  Some have a daily limit.  Some take too long, for example farming rares. Some are too mind numbingly dull to do more than a bit at a time.  You will develop an ‘ongoing list’.  This will gradually increase until you have as much as you can manage in one day.  This could be every day, or just on days where you have no other activity in WoW or elsewhere.  At this point you can either stop going to new zones until you have cleared space in it or keep going and make a list of the things you have to go back to.

Some of these achievements are expensive in terms of gold (and even real money).  I will note any individual achievements that are expensive.  You should also be aware that collecting mounts and companions can be expensive.  Companions aren’t as bad as mounts.  Mounts are VERY expensive.  Think before you start mount collecting.


  • I am running through these achievements on an Alliance character.  If I have the Horde side wrong, just post and I will update things.
  • The same for everything else – if I have it wrong, just post.  I have based the guide quite heavily on Wowhead information.  I can tell by looking at it that this is a bit lacking in places.
  • Many of the places listed are not the only place to find the components.  They are either the easiest, or the most common, or a place with a lot of other similar components.

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  1. I am following along as well! This should be very fun…now to get in the top 15 in achievements in my guild….ugh. Lol

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