Mist of Pandaria

In no real order other than obviously I ran out of ideas for number 10:

  1. Its the next expansion.
  2. Its Titan. [Unlikely since no matter how non-canon Pandaria is, its still technically WoW related IP rather than original IP.]
  3. Its an upcoming patch.
  4. Its a book/trading card game thing. [Debunked: the codes used on the application relate to online games]
  5. Its a Facebook/iphone/other media game. [This would be my preference]
  6. Its something to do with Blizzcon.
  7. Its a mini game that will sit within WoW to try and give you something to do.  Possibly to do with Archaeology since that just fails right now. [My own original contribution to highlu unlikely theories]
  8. Its a complete fake and Blizzard are just trying to throw you off the scent.
  9. Its Blizzard’s secret plan for world domination that involves making huge amounts of money by treating all their players badly and not treating every one of them like a special snowflake who knows how to fix the game (puts on tin foil hat).  Because Ghostcrawler is really the head of a secret 15th century society that sacrifices REAL GNOMES.
  10. Your still in Yogg-Saron’s brain room.  Only its filled with pandas.

How to stop it being the next expansion
If we sacrifice enough gnomes to the Old Gods, there just might be hope.  It is your duty to sacrifice every gnome you can until appease whatever twisted mind came up with the Pandaran.


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