Nefarian Crib Sheet

Welcome to Morrighan’s Crib Sheet Raid Guides. This Crib Sheet is for the 10 man version of Nefarian, which can be found in the Blackwing Descent raid. The tactics for 25 man are the same as far as I am aware and simply involve scaling up what is written here. You can find consolidated Crib Sheets on the menu to the right.

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • Every 10% (in all phases) of his health, Nefarian casts Crackle.  Crackle does lots of damage to the whole raid.  Top the raid before and heal up afterwards.  You want to have 2-3 crackles in phase 1 and 1 in phase 2 ideally, but see what works for you.

Phase 1: Nefarian and Onyxia

  • Tank both on opposite sides of the room (if they are too close they will get buffed) with their sides facing the raid, who stand in the middle.
  • Turn Onyxia when her sides start to sparkle.  This means the raid will get tail swiped.
  • Onyxia has to die before her bar reaches full.  Split dps between the targets.
  • Adds will spawn.  These need to be kited until they run out of energy and collapse.  You can use a melee, a mage, a hunter pet, etc. (a tank in 25 man).  Make sure they all die together (this is vital for phase 3).

Phase 2: Pillars

  • Assign pillars before you start.  Each needs 1 interruptor (2 on 25 man), a healer and split the dps.
  • You need to swim up through the lava and jump onto the pillar.  It has a lip so don’t be too close.
  • Interrupt Blast Nova every time.
  • This phase lasts until all the adds are dead or 3 minutes passes.
  • Shadowflame Barrage does lots of damage and this is very healing intensive.

Phase 3: Nefarian

  • Tank Nefarian in the middle of the room.  The raid should hug at his side.  Don’t let him breathe on adds, so turn away from the kiter.
  • One tank should kite the adds.  Nefarian will cast Shadowblaze (purple fire) which will activate the adds.  They must keep moving as if they get into more fire their energy will reset and they will empower.  Don’t slow them!!!  Let them collapse, then wait for them to rise again.
  • That fire moves – don’t stand in it!
  • Repeat add kiting and crackles until dead.

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