Shannox Crib Sheet

Welcome to Morrighan’s Crib Sheet Raid Guides. This Crib Sheet is for the 10 man version of Shannox, which can be found in the Firelands raid in Mount Hyjal.  The tactics for 25 manare different. You can find consolidated Crib Sheets on the menu to the right.

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • One tank takes Shannox.  One takes Riplimb.  Tank these about 60 yards apart with the raid in the middle.  Shannox cleaves.  Shannox is not tauntable.
  • Shannox and Riplimb put a stacking debuff on the tanks.  You can make this drop off by ensuring that Riplimb takes a long time to reach Shannox with the thrown spear.  Move Riplimb 80 yards + away for the first throw (in theory the dogs get a debuff if you move them too far from Shannox – we’ve not seen it so far).  After that, 60 is enough.
  • Move off of traps.  There are fire traps which do lots of damage and crystal traps which imprison people.  Only dogs should be in traps.  DBM will warn you.
  • When he throws his spear little dots of fire appear.   Move off of them before they explode.
  • Put the ranged on Rageface and the melee on Shannox.  Burn Rageface.  He will randomly attack people and Rage on them.  Every so often he will Face Rage, which does a lot more damage.  To end Rage Face you need to hit him for 30k (45 in 25 man) in one hit.
  • When Rageface dies Shannox does 30% more damage, but the raid takes very little damage.
  • Burn Shannox to 35% (if he goes below 30% the dogs enrage).  Then burn Riplimb until dead.  When Riplimb dies Shannox does another 30% more damage, but the Riplimb tank no longer needs healing.
  • Pop cooldowns and burn before your healers run out of mana.

Edited to remove the suggestion that you switch tanks.  As Antigen said, this doesn’t work well.  I thought thats what our tanks were doing, but when I went to check I was wrong.  I assume from Antigen’s comment that the 25 tactic is more like the above.  The alternative version, which I am not sure is used much outside of the PTR where Shannox was tauntable, is to burn both dogs to 5% and Shannox to 35% before killing both dogs and entering phase 2.

Updated 3 August 2011. 


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  1. Trying to switch tanks in phase 2, without murdering a few of your DPS, is almost impossible. Since he’s not tauntable, your Vengeance-starved offtank would have to out-threat your main tank in order to pull off. This just isn’t going to happen.

    In our 25m, we had one tank on Shannox and one on Riplimb the whole time. Before we killed Riplimb, we made sure to clear any stacks of Jagged Tear so the MT didn’t enter phase 2 with more damage than necessary.

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