Ascendant Council Crib Sheet

Welcome to Morrighan’s Crib Sheet Raid Guides. This Crib Sheet is for the 10 man version of the Ascendant Council, which can be found in the Bastion of Twilight raid in Twilight Highlands. The tactics for 25 man are the same as far as I am aware and simply involve scaling up what is written here. You can find consolidated Crib Sheets on the menu to the right.

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • This is a three phase fight.  In phase 1 and 2 you have two members of the Ascendant Council.  These phases end when one of the mobs goes below 25%.  In the final phase you fight the Elementium Monstrosity which has the combined remaining health of the four Council members.  You need to ensure you dps down both pairs of mobs evenly to minimise the health the Elementium Monstrosity has in phase 3.

Phase 1

  • Phase 1 you have Feludius and Ignacious.  Tank them some distance from each other (not so far that a healer can’t reach both tanks and a ranged dps can’t hit both mobs).   Both mobs cast a magic debuff on players (Heart of Ice and Burning Blood) that does damage but increases their dps on the other target.  We normally just Dispel these.
  • All should stay away from Feludius apart from the tank and possibly the interruptor who should both run out during Glaciate (this does more damage the closer you are).  Hydrolance must be interrupted.  If you are Waterlogged you should run through the fire to remove it ASAP.
  • Ignacious charges leaving a row of fire before returning to his tank.  Move out of this unless you are removing Waterlogged.  He also has a shield called Aegis of Flame.  When he casts this all dps should switch to him and burn it down so they can interrupt the massive AoE damage he is doing (Rising Flames).

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 you have Arion and Terrestra.  A whirlwind will move around the room.  Coming into contact with this will knock you back and give you the  Swirling Winds debuff protecting you from Quake.  Also sparkly ground effects will appear randomly which suck you in and give you the Grounded debuff protecting you from Thundershock.  Both of these can kill you without the debuff.  Alternate the debuffs starting with Swirling Winds.
  • Arion should have ranged dps assigned to him.  He will jump all over the room.  Spread out as he does chain lightning.  If you get Static Overload (yellow arrow on your head) stay away from everyone else.  This means missing a debuff if necessary.
  • Terrestra casts Eruption (spikes on the floor) that can one shot you so move off of them.  He also takes very spikey damage due to his shield so watch his health carefully.

Phase 3

  • The Elementium Monstrosity appears.  This is a burn phase so use cooldowns.  Move off of fire on the floor (Lava Seed).  Kite the boss to keep him off of ice patches.  Spread for chain lightning which does more damage over time and leave the middle clear for your healers as this is a lot of healing.  Gravity Crush takes a player and suspends them in the air doing 120% of their health in damage, meaning they need spam healing.

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