Chimaeron Crib Sheet

Welcome to Morrighan’s Crib Sheet Raid Guides. This Crib Sheet is for the 10 man version of Chimaeron, which can be found in the Blackwing Descent raid in Blackrock Mountain. The tactics for 25 man are the same as far as I am aware and simply involve scaling up what is written here (though you can also use 3 tanks to make life easier). You can find consolidated Crib Sheets on the menu to the right.

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • Spread out at least 10 yards.  Mark one person to collapse onto during Feud.
  • Except during Feud, no player needs more than 10k health, but every player needs to be kept at or above 10k health apart from the Double Strike tank who needs to be over 100k health.
  • 1 tank takes all the normal boss hits.  The second tank taunts the boss to take the Double Strike hits (two big hits).  The first tank then taunts back.
  • Caustic Slime will reduce 2/3 people to 1 HP.  Heal them back to above 10k before the next Caustic Slime/Massacre/Feud.  You will need to use your fast and expensive heal for this.
  • Massacre reduces everyone to 1 HP.  Heal them back to above 10k before the next Caustic Slime/Massacre/Feud.
  • During Feud Chimaeron stops all other attacks and just does lots of damage.  Spam heal the whole group.  You want to keep everyone as high as possible here.  Everyone should hug during Feud for maximum healing.
  • Repeat the above abilities until he gets to 20%.  You will want to assign healers carefully.  We normally assign 1 tank healer (double strike tank first) and 1 healer per group.  The group healers keep an eye on the normal hits tank too.  A good tactic is to assign healers a priority order in groups.  So group healer 1 starts at the top of group 1 and group healer 2 starts at the bottom of group 2.
  • At 20% NUKE.  You can’t heal any more, so healers NUKE.  You can’t taunt either.  He still has Double Strike.  Spread out so he has further to travel before he hits you.  Use cooldowns to prevent people from dying from double strike.  People will die so this is a race to down him before he kills you all.

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