Maloriak Crib Sheet

Welcome to Morrighan’s Crib Sheet Raid Guides. This Crib Sheet is for the 10 man version of Maloriak, which can be found in the Blackwing Descent raid in Blackrock Mountain. The tactics for 25 man are the same as far as I am aware and simply involve scaling up what is written here. You can find the consolidated Tier 11 Crib Sheets here.

  • 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.
  • There are four phases in this fight.  The three colored cauldron phases rotate, followed by a final burn the boss phase.
  • Designate two interruptors.  One interrupts Arcane Storm.
  • The other interrupts Release Abberations.  But not every time.  You want 9 adds available to burn during the green phase.  Interrupt the first cast, then let 3 casts through, then interrupt until the green phase is over and start again.  The add tank will need a lot of healing with 9 adds on him.  In 25 man you could have two add tanks either splitting the 9 or splitting the 18 adds. Managing adds is the single most important part of the fight.
  • During a red cauldron phase all stack on the main tank, apart from the add tank.  One person will be targeted with Consuming Flames.  They should move away from the group and stand to one side out of his cone attack.  Once the debuff is gone, move back in.
  • During a blue cauldron phase spread out at least 10 yards.  Ranged break people out of ice fast and heal that person to full fast before they are broken out.
  • During a green cauldron phase nuke the adds.  Only when ALL of the released adds are dead can you dps the boss.
  • Repeat the cauldron cycle twice and by then you should be at the final phase which starts at 25% (don’t start this phase with Abberations up).  In this phase the dps should simple nuke Maloriak.
  • The add tank needs to pick up the two large adds that spawn.  This is hard because they are only briefly tauntable/aggroable.  After a couple of seconds they will decide on a target and nom them.  If this is not the add tank its a fail.  Use threat reduction abilities to reduce the risk of this.

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