Morrighan’s Gold Guide (Lazy but Legal)

I’ve amassed a reasonable amount of gold across my characters.  Not so much I can buy epics on the AH at will, but enough that I never have to go farming for gold just to raid.  I know people who still do that and it confuses me.  I made my gold without a great deal of effort.  I have a low risk strategy that involves only a minimal amount of farming.  Because farming is dull, but necessary.

So I thought I’d share it with you.  Its very simple really:

1. Sell everything.
2. Be  a miser.
3. If you farm nothing else, farm your profession items.

Thats it.

1. Sell everything.
By this I mean everything thats not grey should be sold on the Auction House.  Because its amazing what people will buy.  For example, I get Stranglekelp from the fishing dailies sometimes.  This sells for about 3g a piece on both of my servers.  When I’m questing or doing achievements I get all sorts of random stuff dropping – cloth, items for professions, health and mana potions, etc.  Sell them all, even the low level ones.  This also means you should loot everything you kill no matter what the level.  Almost everything sells and it’ll soon build up into a reasonable amount of money.  Old cloth in particular sells well.  I would suggest getting an AH addon to support this and I prefer to have one of my alts designated as a bank character to do all this selling.

2. Be a miser.
You know those epics that costs 20k?  You don’t need those.  If they are crafted, farm the mats and get someone to craft it for you (and then only if its the best item pre-raid).  If its a trash drop I don’t normally bother.  Trash drops aren’t that good normally and I don’t do 20k on minor upgrades.  I pretty much only ever buy gems and flasks on the AH.  I should soon have my herbalist at 85 so I can farm mats for flasks.  I brought some pets when I was working on that achievement.  Thats about the extent of my shopping.  I would only ever buy something that was the best in slot including within raids.  Like the Darkmoon Card for melee in Wrath which remained best in slot until the third tier.  Thats a good investment.  I also would never spend more than 20% of my total gold on an epic.

Heres another money saving tip: don’t buy master flying on your alts, get the holiday meta.  Not only will you not spend 5k gold, but you will MAKE money doing the meta from running old content and quests.

3. If you farm nothing else, farm your profession items.
Aside from expensive gear, the mistake I see most broke people making is power leveling professions by buying on the AH.  If you have enough money to have two crafting professions on a main, I suggest ensuring you support them with an alt ASAP.  For example, you could have Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking on a main, and then level Mining and Skinning on an alt. Or on two alts if thats better for you (your Mining alt could also have Blacksmithing or Engineering).  Although two crafting professions is an optimization, most guilds will only expect you to have one.

When you do level a profession, farm the mats for it, don’t buy them.  Check out websites like WoW Professions for the most efficient items to craft and find out where to get them.  Under point one you can make a LOT of money from people who power-level professions.  Remember this is a one-off farming activity.  Once you have cooking on your level 60 warlock at level 300, its there and you won’t have to do it again.  I do sometimes buy a few items to top up to the next stage.  So I might buy 80 silk to get that last tailoring item before I can use Mageweave.  I won’t by 500 silk to level from 150-200 or whatever limits I’m at.

I also try to farm to maintain supplies for anything I am making.  So I farm ore regularly to turn into gems, rather than buy gems.  This won’t take a lot of time.  Apart from red gems, I have at least 10 gems of each colour sitting in my bank.  I pick up ore whilst doing things for achievements and mounts, so I only go ore farming about once a week.  My ore farming consists of doing one circuit of Deepholm and takes 10-15 minutes.  Thats it.

So there you go.  The lazy but legal way to amass gold.


2 thoughts on “Morrighan’s Gold Guide (Lazy but Legal)

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  1. Farming isn’t free. Just by farming up the mats yourself you’re costing yourself the time you could have been doing more productive gold making opportunities, and you’re costing yourself the gold you could have sold those mats for.

    I follow your advice pretty much. I sell everything. I don’t spend a whole lot. But I don’t fool myself into thinking having alts farm up mats for my professions is saving me any money.

    1. In my experience (which is not everyone in WoW so there will be exceptions) people who power-level alt professions never have any gold. They don’t fill the time they could have spent farming mats with another activity to make gold. They fill it doing something else which doesn’t make any money and then can’t afford flasks for raids. If your sitting on a lot of gold already, you probably don’t need this advice. If you aren’t then this is one of the things that might be responsible.

      Also, in all honesty, I wouldn’t go make some gold some other way if I didn’t farm mats for levelling professions. I still see that type of farming as a one off thing – work through the pain and then move on. So its still my preferred money saving method.

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