Moar Achievements: Noblegarden 2011

Below is the first in a series of achievement guides I’m putting together.  There will be achievement guides for each holiday, and also guides by zone listing all the achievements and components of achievements you can collect in a zone.  I have a post giving more information ready to go soon.

To get the Noble Gardener achievement you need to get the following achievements:

  • I found one!
  • Chocaholic – Eat 100 chocolates
  • Hard Boiled – Lay an egg in Un’goro
  • Spring Fling – Mate your rabbit pet with another rabbit  pet in the four level 5 towns for your faction (excluding the Cataclysm towns)
  • Noble Garden – Hide an egg in Stormwind/Silvermoon
  • Shake Your Bunny Maker – put rabbit ears on a female of each race (excluding Cataclysm races) who is level 18+
  • Desert Rose – Plant a flower using your Spring Robes in the five named zones
  • Blushing Bride – whilst wearing the two tuxedo parts kiss someone wearing an elegant dress

You can also get the following achievements that are not part of the meta:

  • Dressed for the Occasion – Get the Elegant Dress from an egg
  • Sunday’s Finest – Get both Tuxedo parts from eggs

How you do it:

  1. Go to one of the level 5 towns to farm eggs – I had the best luck with Azure Watch on Alliance and Razor Hill on Horde.  Brill was terrible.
  2. Pick up the two quests and do them.  You will now have a basket you can equip to give yourself a speed boost and a Blossoming Branch. [Completed: I found one!]
  3. Farm 100 chocolates and eat them. [Completed: Chocoholic]
  4. You need the following items now:  Noblegarden Egg (5 chocolates), Spring Flowers (50 chocolates), Spring Robes (50 chocolates), White Tuxedo Shirt (25 chocolates), Black Tuxedo Pants (25 chocolates), Spring Rabbits Foot (100 chocolates).  You might also want the Elegant Dress (50 chocolates) but while this helps others its not essential for your achievement.  When you open an egg you have a chance at getting any of these items.  Start farming the chocolates for any you have left, one item at a time.  Stop when you have got all of them through eggs or purchases.

The following achievements should be started in the egg hunting area you chose.  You should then move on to Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

  1. Once you have the Tuxedo parts, put them on and watch for anyone in a ghastly peach dress to kiss.  If you get an Elegant Dress put that on too as you can wear both at the same time since they are in different slots. [Completed: Blushing Bride]
  2. Once you have the pet, keep it out at your chosen egg farming location.  Odds are there will be someone else with a rabbit there. [1/4 Spring Fling]
  3. Once you have the flowers start watching for female toons over 18.  Like all these types of achievement, you need to wait for the ears buff to wear off/be removed. Finding those in your faction is not especially challenging.  [1/2 Shake Your Bunny Maker]
  4. Hide your egg in Stormwind for Alliance players [Completed (A): Noble Garden]

Now you need to start travelling.

  1. Go to Silvermoon and put down your egg. Don’t forget to visit Falconwing Square while you’re in the area.  [Completed (H): Noble Garden] [1/4 Spring Fling (H)]
  2. Go to each of the 5 deserts and use your robes to plant a flower.  One is in Eastern Kingdoms, the others are in Kalimdor.  Alliance should fly up to Badlands, then go back to Stormwind and portal to Uldum (if you have it) and fly to the rest.  Horde should also use the portal to Uldum trick, but to get to Badlands take the Zepplin to Undercity.  Since you need to visit it anyway, if you want to solo the Hard Boiled achievement, put your Hearthstone in Silithus.  You then need to go back to a town, get the bunny buff, stone to Silithus and run to the Golakka Hot Springs without taking ANY damage.  Mounting or transforming will lose the bunny buff.  Wait to lay an egg. If you have a handy friend with a Blossoming branch you can simply fly there and have them turn you into a rabbit.  [Completed: Desert Rose] [Completed: Hard Boiled]
  3.  To find the opposite faction females its useful if you can create a toon of the opposite faction on your server and do /who race to see where people might be.  You can’t limit this search by gender.  If not, the best place to find these toons is normally your opposite faction city and the egg farming areas for the opposite faction.  Hover over Razor Hill/Goldshire and click.  If you have Overachiever you can turn on the option for this achievement and it will tell you when you hover over a female.  Alternatively, Mount Hyjal and Deepholm portal locations are good to look for toons, as is Tol Barad Penninsula and any Battleground. [Complete: Shake Your Bunny Maker]
  4. While travelling to these locations, visit the other level 5 towns to mate those rabbits. [Completed: Spring Fling]


  • 110 achievement points
  • 1 pet towards pet achievements
  • 1 part of What a Long Strange Trip Its Been meta

Amended 21 June 2011 to add Moar Achievements tag and year.


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  1. It seems to really vary from server to server, as to which towns are the best. Razor Hill was absolutely swamped on the server I play Horde on, as was Bloodhoof. Falconwing Square was sooo dead that it took forever for eggs to respawn. I had the best luck in Brill. (Hint: angle your camera down … a lot of them spawn up high on top of lampposts and similar places.)

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