Where Morrighan confesses her new identity

Until last week I was Morrighan.  But now, now I’m Akandra.

Yes I’ve changed my main!

Back to where I began
It was with mixed feelings that I made this change.  A healer was more useful to the guild and the objections I had to playing my priest in Wrath were gone.  I played Akandra in both Vanilla and The Burning Crusade.  I think I was a good healer in TBC.  But when Wrath was announced I was decidedly unhappy with the changes to Holy.  Or should I say the lack of changes.  So I switched to Morrighan to try something new.  I did try to play Akandra again in Wrath, but I never really had the reaction times for Wrath healing.  I hated it.  Cataclysm added changes to Holy and made healing less about spamming one button and more about making the right choices again.  So I’m back on Akandra seeing how it goes.

Mains vs Alts
Always in WoW before I’ve had one ‘main’ and some alts.  The main has always taken priority for me.  But for the first time I am now split.  Morrighan is still important to me as a character.  I still enjoy playing her – in fact I like the new dps rotation and pull good dps from it.  The last time I raided Baradin Hold on Morrighan I was second on the meters with no other raid gear at all (I know BH is easy for dps, so the values don’t matter, but its equally easy for all dps so its good for comparison).  I will continue to want to play Morrighan and want to collect achievements on her.  Likewise I now find a whole backlog of achievements Akandra needs.

What does that mean for the blog?
Well as I still enjoy ret I will continue to write about it.  But I will write about holy priests too most likely.  I suspect I will draw up another gear list for holy, but I will keep the ret list going.  I’ve been fairly quiet recently.  Partly I’ve been trying to turbo gear Akandra, and partly I’ve been working on an achievements project for the blog that should start soon.  The other good news is that I’m raiding again, so the raid guides will make a return.  That will probably happen over the next couple of weeks when I’ve seen most bosses a couple of times.  The achievements project should appear shortly after I manage to replace those ilevel 318 wrists I seem to be stuck with!  Unless of course I have to go and fight some trolls soon in which case I will focus on updating the gear list.


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