My Love-Hate Relationship with the Blue Tracker

I know I don’t have to read it.  I could just read the front page of MMO Champion and find out all the key information.  Thats what other people do.  Its probably sensible.  But at some point I started reading the Blue Tracker too.  The good thing about the Blue Tracker is it gives context to what ends up on the front page.  Those comments on game design don’t just appear out of the blue – they are responses to comments posted by the community.  I tend to find that the hints make much more sense in context and that I am better prepared for whats coming from reading the Blue Tracker.

But … the stupidity is just endless.  Not from the Blues, but from the community.  Heres just a sample of recent stupidity:

1 Arendorm asks why we can’t have a class changing service.  This is a good example of ‘fails to understand the bigger picture’ stupidity.


Of course we can’t have a class changing service.  It would destroy the game in at least two ways.  Firstly, some classes would disappear as raiding guilds require their members to change to the most powerful classes out there in order to progress faster.  Half the playerbase would quit because they want to make a choice rather than be forced (I’m in this camp) and the other half would be constantly switching class as Blizzard attempted to find balance.  Secondly, levelling different characters gives the game replayability.  I would spend perhaps a quarter of the time I do playing without my alts.  And I’d soon run out of things to do.  Plus those things I could do would be difficulty because everyone else was trying to do them, rather than being spread across other content.  If you could only play at end game, Stormwind would be unvisitable, mining would take five times as long and involve constant ganking on a PvP realm and we’d run out of instance servers again.  So before you post an ‘I want’ post about the bigger picture.


2 Nasseorava whines about the role of Blue posts.  This is the angry moron type of stupidity.


Whining about intelligent threads (which may have run over years apparently making them … er… totally outdated?) not getting a response works better if you write intelligently – learn to use paragraphs.  What he meant was ‘CMs never respond to what I post’ and the reason is simple.  CMs have better things to do than respond to solid walls of WHINE.  The fact that he is whining about CMs not responding to well written threads is what opens him up to criticism of his own writing.  Of course this post does look intelligent in comparison to this thread where the poster calls the CMs a bunch of retards and then expects to not have his thread locked?  Oh and of course the PvP forums are where you should post a whine about the CMs.  Really.  For some reason players seem to think that their $15 a month entitles them to responses on the forums.  There was a post about the math


Many posts combine the above too.  The request for the class changing service is polite.  Most people don’t bother.  They post

So why do I still read the Blue Tracker?  If it irritates me this much?  To find little gems like the fact that the way you get your Wintersaber mount will change in 4.1 so you don’t have to waste time doing the current incredibly dull quests. I will continue to read it.  I’m sure I’m not the only one either!


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