Retribution Paladin pre-raid gear list 4.0.6

This is the set I would go for pre-raid based on the gear list.  This set will see you 2 points off the hit cap (with hit gems in blue slots).  You will need to reforge to meet the expertise cap.  Its a bit of a change from items you may have gone for beforehand, due to the changes in 4.0.6.  You could add one other epic item to this list the Valor Points boots are BoE and probably

Head – Stonemason’s Helm (Heroic Deadmines)
Neck – Gift of Nadun (Ramkahen – Exalted)
Shoulder – Pauldron’s of the High Requiem (1650 Justice Points)
Back – Geordan’s Cloak (Heroic Lost City of Tolv’ir)
Chest – Elementium Deathplate (Blacksmithing)
Wrist – Alpha Bracers (Heroic Halls of Origination)
Hands – Reaping Gauntlets (1650 Justice Points)
Waist – Belt of the Ferocious Wolf (Guardian’s of Hyjal – Exalted)
Legs – Greaves of Gallantry (2200 Justice Points)
Feet* – Greaves of Wu the Elder (Heroic Lost City of Tolv’ir)
Rings – Nova Band (Heroic Halls of Origination) and Circle of Bone (Heroic Grim Batol)
Weapon – Foe Reaper (Heroic Deadmines)
Relic – Weapon of the Brotherhood’s End (Heroic Deadmines)

*If you are Drenai replace Greaves of Wu the Elder with Waywatcher’s Boots from Wildhammer – Revered.

So what do you need to get this gear?

Heroic Deadmines (3 items)
Heroic Lost City of Tol’vir (2 items)
Heroic Halls of Origination (2 items)
Heroic Grim Batol (1 item)

Ramkahen – Exalted (do all the quests in Uldum and then use the tabard – there are two dailies you can use to give a bit of a boost)
Guardian’s of Hyjal – Exalted (do all the quests in Mount Hyjal taking you to Revered and then use the tabard – there are no dailies)

5500 Justice Points

100 Elementium Ore
20 Volatile Earth
36 Pyrium Ore
60 Volatile Fire
60 Volatile Air
60 Volatile Water
3 Chaos Orbs (the crafter will have these, and if thats not you then you’ll need a big chunk o’ gold instead)

I’ll post separately about trinkets when I’ve done the numbers, but I am going to guess that as of 4.0.6 you might want Baradin’s Wardens reputation and marks …


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