Cataclysm and the slacking blogger

I know, I know, I slack at posting.  In my defense I’ve been very busy.  Levelling, gearing, having a baby, you know the kind of thing.

So how ’bout that expansion?
Generally Cataclysm gets a big thumbs up from me.  I enjoyed levelling – the quests in Cataclysm are very good.  Good stories, funny cut scenes, very little pointless running around.  Its definitely a win.  I can’t recommend enough that people do the Harrison Jones quests at least once!  The dungeons and heroics are more challenging, which is good.  The only down side is that with a newborn, I can only do guild runs and even then I sometimes have to bail as Cataclysm heroics take a long time.

I love the changes to healing and have been healing on my priest, Akandra.  Akandra is my original character and I expect to be doing a lot more with her this expansion (mainly because we lack healers and ranged dps in Dreamstate at the moment – any healers or ranged looking for a new home are welcome to apply.  Dreamstate is a 10 man raiding guild, raiding Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 2000-2300 server time on the Darksorrow-EU server.  In the mean time I thought I’d get Akandra up and running to offer some flexibility to the guild.

Erm … gear list?
Its top of my to do list.  Be aware theres a major change to Mastery in 4.0.6 and I won’t post any summary posts until after the patch hits.

Things to do in Cataclysm if you can’t raid
Unfortunately, raiding is a bit of a challenge for me at the moment.  So I decided to set myself some targets for things to do that don’t require me to be available for a long period of time.  I feel its unfair for me to raid when I might leave everyone waiting for me because the baby needs me.  I have done some heroics with my guild, who are understanding of the position new parents are in.  The community Dreamstate has is great – I can’t imagine every guild being as understanding.

So my (current) targets are:

  • Morrighan’s achievement fest.  I have over 8000 achievement points and I would love to get to 9000.  I’m working mostly on the  Professions achievements at the moment – I still have a lot of fishing and archaeology achievements left.  Then I intend to work on some reputations.  I can also do all the Azeroth quests for yet more achievements.  Those related to raiding and dungeons can wait.
  • Get Morrighan specced for PvP and find an arena team for 3v3 (this has always been my preferred bracket – I’d try the others but I find 2v2 lacks depth and 5v5 is way to complex to arrange).  And do some rated battlegrounds, which I rather like the sound of.  If I can fit that in around the baby.
  • Get Akandra raid ready as Shadow and Holy.  If I heal, I’d rather heal on my priest.
  • Get one of each class to level 85!  Thats a big achievement to work on.  I had 5 classes at level 80 – paladin, priest, death knight, druid and shaman.   That leaves 7 classes that I need to work on.
  • Keep up with the holiday achievements on my alts for that free 310% riding speed.  I started this with Brewfest and on four alts – I dropped one of those when I was just too busy but Akandra, Arianrhodd and Enalla are still keeping up.  Love is In the Air is next, and this is definitely the most challenging one!  Especially on Arianrhodd who is only level 82 and in a very small guild on another server.

Its a very different game when you aren’t raiding, but I still find I have loads to do.  I have a post about that in draft.

And the future of the blog
I have some projects I’d like to work on:

  • Get the gear list up.
  • Do the gear list summary posts (after 4.0.6).
  • Update the blogroll and links.
  • Post more often!
  • What you won’t get in a hurry are the short raid guides.  I’ve tried to never post a raid guide to a raid I’ve not at least attempted.  As I’m not raiding, I can’t meet that quickly.  I will post them as I can.
  • I do have another project in mind to do with achievements.  We’ll see how that goes.

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