Cataclysm Gearing for Ret Palas – Head

Cataclysm is a few days away and its all about the GEARZ.  What to get, where to go, etc.

I’ve pieced together what I can based on MMO-Champion and Wowhead.  Also Redcape has released his latest spreadsheet and I’ve drawn on the default Seal of Truth scores:

Strength 2.07
Hit 1.55 until capped and 0 after cap
Expertise 1.13 until capped and negligible after cap
Critical strike rating 0.80
Haste rating 0.79
Mastery rating 0.41
Weapon speed 1102.65
Weapon DPS 7.27

The jumps above are fairly large.  Mostly we gear for strength, then for Hit and Expertise until capped, then Crit and Haste before Mastery.

Please note that all of this is highly provisional.  Item stats and scores might well change – a lot.  But this should get you started at least.

And so on with the show!

Gearing for the Head slot is a bit different to any of the other slots because of the relative value of the meta gem.  A meta gem slot is worth 50-67% of the scores assigned to a head.  Therefore its likely to be the item you hang on to the longest of your old gear.  As long as you have at least the ilevel 251 tier helm then you can ignore anything without a meta gem slot in Cataclysm.

This means your first possible upgrade is the Redsteel Helm at level 83.  This is a Blacksmithing BoE item.  I wouldn’t spend a huge amount on this though, as it will only last two levels and doesn’t score that much higher than the previous tier items.  The only exception to this is for Engineers who can get the Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades at level 81 and with 525 Engineering (you need 525 for both the item and the Cogwheels).

As you hit 85 you want to run Heroic Deadmines for the Stonemason’s Helm.  This is the best pre-raid Head item.

Action plan so far:

  • 15 Elementium Bars + a friendly blacksmith or cash (83-85 Head)
  • Heroic Deadmines – Vanessa VanCleef (Pre-raid Head)

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