Retribution in the new world order (one week after 4.0.1)

So 4.0.1 has been out a week.  In that time retribution has gone down and up again.  Last night I had a chance to do my first full raid since the patch and generally speaking I’m feeling a bit happier now.  The rotation is starting to feel a bit more natural and I think its got potential.  When I do get it right, I seem to have more dps than before the patch.  I’m not really comparing myself with others yet as we’re all still learning.

After deciding that Shadow Priest wasn’t for me, since the Tier 11 set looks like a space suit, I’ve now discovered the fun that is the Unholy Death Knight.  Any rotation that makes me giggle is good and transforming your pet into an abomination is hilarious!!!  I’m still not stuck on my ret pala yet, though I’m further away from a class change than I have been so far since 4.0.1 hit (helped by the fact that the DK tier 11 also looks silly whilst the Pala one is the best I’ve seen so far – I do hope I can have the pretty silver version).   I  go through this every patch – do I want to stick with the same class for another two years.  Last time I caved and changed to my paladin.  I have no idea what I’ll do this time.

The rotation has been adapted by the buffs we recieved and I’m working as follows, which is based on the EJ advice:

Single target

  • Crusader Strike (CS) > Filler > CS > Filler + Use Templar’s Verdict (TV) whenever its a) free or b) you have 3 Holy Power (HP) overriding the normal rotation.
    Filler Priority: Hammer of Wrath > Exorcism with Art of War only > Judgement >  Holy Wrath > Consecration

Multiple targets

  • As above with Divine Storm replacing TV

With Zealotry

  • CS > TV > repeat (you might use TV twice if you get a free TV as well as a 3 HP TV)

With Avenging Wrath

  • You’ll be able to use HoW a LOT.  Make the most of it, but remember TV still trumps it and you still want to use CS to generate HP.  I haven’t fine tuned this one yet.  It feels to me like we end up more in a priority situation here than anywhere else.  You won’t quite be able to hit CS > HoW > CS > HoW.

Other points to remember:

  • Use Zealotry and Avenging Wrath seperately – both boost your dps by changing your rotation and using them together wastes the benefit of one of those.  Which one you use with Heroism and in what order is fight dependent.
  • Consecration ate your mana.  True story.  As long as I didn’t hit Consecration the blue bar was ignored.
  • Before you hit Holy Wrath look around for that trash your about to pull.  It doesn’t actually have a huge range, but the range is a lot less visible than Consecration and Divine Storm so you need to get the hang of it.

Builds and the Selfless part of Selfless Healer
I’ve seen a lot of builds recommending taking Eye for an Eye instead of Selfless Healer.  For PvP and maybe even levelling, that sounds like a good idea.  For raiding, especially 10 man raiding, I prefer Selfless Healer.

Eye for an Eye increases your trash dps but not your boss dps.  It doesn’t work on bosses.  It never has and it hasn’t been changed according to anything I’ve seen or read.  In all honesty I don’t need increased trash dps.  We have more than enough dps for any trash we’ve faced so far.

Using Word of Glory is a dps loss.  HP spent on TV will be better for your personal dps.  If thats all you care about stop right here and go spec Eye for an Eye.  And please never apply to my guild.  For me one of the great strengths of a paladin is that I can help out beyond my dps remit.  I can throw off a quick heal to save someone from dying.  I can pop a shield.  I’ve heard a lot of criticism of WoG – it doesn’t heal for enough, its not worth using.  But with the instant Flash Heal from AoW gone, its a useful option.  LoH and bubbles normally come first, but once they are on CD, WoG could save a death and even a wipe.  Healing was always a dps loss.  WoG is a dps loss.  But the dps you save will do more damage than you will lose.  Its whats best for the raid overall that counts not your own personal dps.

Yes that was a bit of a rant.  Yes there should be choice in the new talent trees.  But I am tired of reading that Selfless Healer is ‘bad’.  Selfless Healer rewards me for doing something I would do anyway!  Its a good talent to take from the choices available for raiding.  Its far more valuable than increased dps on trash!


3 thoughts on “Retribution in the new world order (one week after 4.0.1)

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  1. I’ve been using HW>Cons>J>HoW>Exo as my aoe filler prio; J>Exo because having HW and Cons up at the top sucks mana like.. holy crap. I could dps literally forever on the single-target rotation, but I run out pretty fast on trash.

    It should generally be AW during hero; if you’re soft haste capped popping Zeal during hero isn’t going to do anything for your Zeal except mess it up with HoL procs.

    Eye for an Eye has been giving me just a bit less damage than my Mote of Anger procs; on bosses, specifically Arthas. I’ve seen 1.5 to 3.5%, depending on the fight and rng.. and as has been pointed out on EJ, saying ‘oh but that little damage doesn’t matter’ is a bit silly. Any targetted damage spell has a chance to proc it; not auras unfortunately (nothing whatsoever on Sindy, not even when I get nearly killed by iceblocks falling on my head), but I see a little at least on most other fights.

    If I found myself using a lot of WoGs on other people, I’d swap the talent points. I haven’t so far.. they’re a much larger opportunity cost than old AoW FoLs, which I used to use like candy. The chance of me having enough HoPo to save someone at the specific time that it needs to be used so much that a retlol has to do it, in Wrath fights, is fairly low.. people die too fast. I’ll re-evaluate in cata raiding.

    Still not sure if I’ll stick with the retlol.. we’re better than we were when the patch hit, but Zealotry is fairly bleh and our mastery is just sad. Also, I really don’t like what’s up with Holy, and Prot isn’t much better.

  2. I am very much digging the new ret. Its hard for me to get into the prot tree now since my bear is so strong. Anyhow. I’ve been using Zealot for the DS spam. My trouble mainly is that is telling me that I should be rolling around 10.7k dps on ICC 25m Roic. If you add the 30% buff I should be cruising close to 13.5k to 14k but I am consistently coming in at around 10.5 to 11k. I’m in a very competitive guild and I’m afraid I’m going to lose my spot to one of those DKs who are suddenly hitting 17k. My only hope is that my bubbles and Salvations on the dps or my LoH, Sancs, and HoF will save the utility of my spot.

    I haven’t seen the use for WoG yet. I have enough utility buttons out there to use (Use sanc on the tanks 46 times in the last ICC clear and mitigated nearly 600k dmg off them.) It just takes knowing how to use your entire toon instead of doing just what clcret tells you to.

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