ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Frostwing Halls

Well Friday I finally saw Sindragosa on 25 man as part of a PuG.  Saw would be accurate as on the first air phase the mage Iceblocked.  Not the ‘I’ve been hit by an icy spear of dragon breath’ kind of Iceblock, but rather the ‘I am a complete noob who just hit my Iceblock spell’ kind.  The result was inevitable.

So here it is, better (very late) than never – the Frostwing Halls.  Just the Lich King to write up now.

Valithria Dreamwalker

  • 1 tank on 10 man, 2 on 25 man.
  • 3 healers on 10 man, 5-6 on 25 man.
  • The ‘boss’ is the big dragon in the middle of the room – you need to heal her to full to win.  Assign 1/2 healers to stay outside at all times and 2/3-4 healers to take the portals and focus on Dreamwalker.
  • When a healer enters the portal they cannot get out until the phase is over.  They will swim around the Emerald Dream popping bubbles which give them a buff.  Timed correctly, the buff will never wear off and they will heal for more and more as the fight goes on.  Use Hero in the last 20% of the fight to manage this.
  • The fight starts when you pull the adds around her.  In 25 man the raid then splits into two equal parts, one on each side.
  • Blazing Skeletons need to be dps’d down as soon as they appear – they are priority number one.  The don’t need tanking.
  • Blistering Zombies need to be kited and killed by ranged dps.  They explode when they die.
  • Assign 1 dps to kill Supressors in 10 man – in 25 you will take them as part of your side.
  • Risen Archmages should be tanked.  Interrupt their AoE Icebolt.
  • The Abominations must be tanked, and do a frontal poison so angle them carefully.  When they die they spawn small worms which need to be AoE’d down ASAP without drawing aggro.
  • As the fight goes on, the adds spawn faster.
  • Stay off anything blue (tosses you into the air) or purple (eats mana).


  • 2 tanks.
  • 3 healers on 10 man, 6-7 on 25 man.  The extra healing is needed in phase 3.

Phase 1

  • Arrange the raid on the stairs and tank Sindra so her side faces the stairs.
  • Caster dps will get a debuff called Unchained Magic. This will cause stacks to build on the player.  When the stacks expire, they will take a spike of damage relative to the number of stacks.  Stop casting to minimise the stacks.  You should be aiming to take 4 only.
  • Melee/physical dps will all get random stacks of the debuff XX applied.  It works the same way in terms of damage done to the player.  At 4 stacks stop and move away until they expire.  She has a HUGE hit box.
  • At some point most of the raid will get pulled into Sindragosa.  You then need to IMMEDIATELY run out as fast as you can.  She will cast Blistering Cold hitting everyone for a lot of damage relative to your distance from her.  The closer you are when the pull starts, the more time you will have to get away from her.

Phase 2

  • In phase 2 she will take off.
  • 2/5 people will be marked with arrows indicating they will become Iceblocks.  All other players should be 10 yards away from them.  In 10 man they stand in the points of the T at the bottom of the stairs and the rest of the raid should wait a little way up the stairs until they have been blocked.  In 25 man they make two walls on the stairs and the rest of the raid should wait at the top until they have been blocked – alternatively you can spread out along the bottom of the stairs in 5 spots.
  • Once they have been blocked, run in and hug the iceblocks.  You need to use them to stay out of the line of sight of the spear of ice Sindragosa will throw at the ground.  These can be seen by a mark on the floor, surrounded by a swirling white effect.  It is these that will be the source of the damage.  There will be four spears.
  • During this phase you need to reduce the health on the tombs but not break them until after the fourth spear has landed.  Once the fourth spear has landed players will begin to asphyxiate and they need to be broken out ASAP, so get the blocks low but don’t destroy them.
  • In 10 man, you can do this with only 2 air phases.  Use Hero after the first one to achieve this.
  • Phase 1 and 2 alternate until you hit 35% at which point phase 3 begins.

Phase 3

  • This is a ground phase.  She will continue to do all of her Phase 1 abilities.
  • The raid should line up with the front leg of Sindragosa.  When marked, the Iceblock targets should line up with her back leg to drop the blocks.  The raid then moves behind them and destroys them, while the new targets move to the front leg.  Rinse and repeat, dpsing Sindra in between.
  • She will also cast a stacking debuff on all players that increases damage taken called Mystic Buffet.  This can be removed by hiding behind an Iceblock so that they don’t get reapplied.  All the raid needs to keep these low.
  • The tanks switch the boss between them so they can run and reset their stacks behind an Iceblock.  Make sure there is one available for them.
  • This is a control phase.  You should have ample time on the enrage timer.  Standing the same place and resetting Mystic Buffet are more important than that last bit of DPS.

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