Save the Gnomes

I take back everything I ever said about gnomes.  Gnomes are wonderful.  Why?  The Operation Gnomeregon quests counted towards my Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms.

Thats me, and my gnome army.  Inspiring the troops.

Druid Protection Squad
Later in the night, my husband tried to do his quests, only to find a group of horde were ganking everyone that came out of IF.  A little band of druids got together (me on my PvP Boomkin, my friend Cheesy on his PvP resto druid and one of our raiders on his PvE druid) and had a blast trying to kill them.  They were pretty good and had some clever techniques.  The hid down in the molten strip that runs through the front of IF.  They hid in the houses and ressed in these after they died.  They stuck together with their healer.  Few of the Alliance seemed bothered to kill them, which was kinda sad.

Towards the end of the evening, when we thought they’d given up, we came across the priest fishing in the Folorn Cavern:

Had to get the screenie quite fast here.  Thats me and Cheesy, stealthed in the water.  He never saw us coming.  Damn that was a fun night.


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